FS - Taming BOD System


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FS - Taming BOD System - Plug and Play Animal Taming BOD System

FS - Taming BOD System

This is a rebuild of my old animal taming BOD system from the old ATS it is one of many rebuilds from the ATS that I am now grouping in my Mobile Management Systems. I will be releasing more systems as I go to complete the MMS.

Lets players with animal taming get bulk orders for taming pets. The player then returns them to the animal taming for a reward.

New Features
  • Zero distro edits required! 100% Plug...

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Nice drag and drop no distro edits needed! Have always loved this taming system :) Hats off to you for sharing!


Yes, By adding my own animal trainer I was able to avoid any distro edits. Its something kinda wonderful... However it does require a person to spawn up countless new animal trainers and or change spawners. So i guess there is a draw back ?


Xml spawner makes that rather painless to do. Or you could write a utility that only fires once for a shard (or forced by command) that could replace the entries for spawners?


ServUO Developer
Very nice!
I gotta say Ronin, I've never been a fan of custom systems like Evo's and Bio's but I love your stuff! You make custom systems that integrate with current gameplay and are not complicated to use. I'm already planning to use your bounty system into my "meaningful murder" system and now I'm thinking of using this as well as using it as a model for a hunting BOD system (unless you are already doing a hunting system ;)).

Keep up the great work!


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I am getting this crash when picking up and dropping a small taming bod. (It is white, not green) When I ask for a BOD, I just get the message "You can get an order now", but don't get any type of BOD.
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Server.Engines.BulkOrders.SmallMobileBOD.GetProperties(ObjectPropertyList list)
at Server.Item.get_PropertyList() in e:\RDUO\Server\Item.cs:line 1792
at Server.Item.InvalidateProperties() in e:\RDUO\Server\Item.cs:line 1834
at Server.Item.MoveToWorld(Point3D location, Map map) in e:\RDUO\Server\Item.cs:line 1522
at Server.Item.DropToWorld(Mobile from, Point3D p) in e:\RDUO\Server\Item.cs:line 4410
at Server.Mobile.Drop(Point3D loc) in e:\RDUO\Server\Mobile.cs:line 5215
at Server.Network.PacketHandlers.DropReq6017(NetState state, PacketReader pvSrc) in e:\RDUO\Server\Network\PacketHandlers.cs:line 1021
at Server.Network.MessagePump.HandleReceive(NetState ns) in e:\RDUO\Server\Network\MessagePump.cs:line 272
at Server.Network.MessagePump.Slice() in e:\RDUO\Server\Network\MessagePump.cs:line 126
at Server.Core.Main(String[] args) in e:\RDUO\Server\Main.cs:line 676

*Other weird thing is I moved my RDUO to C:\...so why is error in e:\? * I'm sure it's something simple and I'm just too tired to comprehend it at this moment. o_O


Drop Data/Bulk Orders/Taming.cfg into your Data/Bulk Orders/ folder

Make sure in Data/Bulk Orders/ you have the Taming.cfg or you will get that crash when you try to create a BOD

RoninGT[DOUBLEPOST=1379808999][/DOUBLEPOST]Also make sure you say [abod in game to enable the system.


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Updated reward list and moved to BitBucket

  1. Removed PetMurderDeed.cs from the BOD reward list. Item was not working as planned.
  2. Added PetSkillsCapDeed.cs to the reward list.
  3. Pet Skill Cap Deed will let a player boost its pets skill cap up to 900.0 points (Adjustable in PetSkillsCapDeed.cs) by 10 points at a time.
  4. This item was put in as a precursor to pet leveling system releasing soon.

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"This item was put in as a precursor to pet leveling system releasing soon."
Oooooh! I can't wait!!! Your system is on my "can't live without" list. ;)


Any chance someone has an extra copy of this? Evidently this is one of the many resources that still need re-linked. Ronin hasn't been active since pre-RM dysfunction, so it's unlikely he'll be re-uploading it.


I am unsure of the revision of this and weather it complies or not its just something i downloaded incase i ever wanted to use but never did....

Im sure we can get it working if you need any help feel free to post and ill help you get it working..


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