I see, I misunderstood what you meant, I will play with it some more and see what I can do. I assumed It wasn't working correct as when I click on some tools like the map one it pops up some window with a command in it [set map name [coords]
I had assumed that would send it directly into the game client.
Thank you for clarifying, I appreciate it!


You are seeing the commands it send to the game, you can turn that off via command toggle, I only have that there to make the tool transparent and expose the information being sent to the client!
for example, use the staff tool to make custom commands and if the command toggle is on, you'll see the commands you enter directly being sent to game!


I see, my issue was that I was using ClassicUO client,BlackBox apparenty does NOT send commands to that client, when I use official classic client it will send the commands and does appear to start working a bit better, thank you for humouring me on this one!


I'll have to take a look at UOClassic, I am guilty of only using and testing on the most recent ServUO, fully patched UO Client with Razor!


Hello @GoldDraco13

I tried this tool today, it got recommended, wouldn't have known what this was without the recommendation.

Couldn't get this working with ClassicUO.
Don't know how to use the client and razor like mentioned above, everytime iv tried with the latest stuff it says "Encrypted Client Unsupported" and locks up at verifying, and that's with the latest broadsword client connecting to servuo.


This is the Razor I use and I have the latest UO client downloaded and patched up from official site! Make sure to start your game with razor then start blackbox after you logged in, once I get done my current project I have it planned to work out what I need to do to plug into the UOC, for now this does work on Razor and the docs included should help you understand the tool functions!
Make sure you fill out the login info to your test shard in Razor and point it to the client.exe in the official uo folder



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Use Alt + O to bring up options, on right side tabs, second down is the screen resolution menu, you might need to scroll a bit to see all the options, but you can also play in full screen! I like the black space myself, like old D&D table top, to have the game area and the character sheet area =]
Feel lucky, when I started UO, all we had was 600x800!


Ty, i needed that, didn't see the side scroller, didn't look like there was anything to scroll down to without doing it, has a weird gap.
Cool tool.
Thoughts on being usable with ClassicUO? this client feels weird.. like clunky.

3 things! ...
1) How do zoom in on the map or increase the maps window size? i could not navigate on the map it had, was very small.
2) When using the Mark button in the map window is there a quick way for it to be copy pasted or recorded into the Travel window that comes with the map?
3) Is there a Minimize to tray option? as i write this i still have all of the windows open infront of me on my screen.



I'll be adding more functionality to the tool as I work on it, the map doesn't have zoom in this version, I'll make sure to add it in the next update, marking will eventually register to the tool, just not in the next couple of releases as it is not a priority. As for min to tray, think of the main window that came up, the hub, the rest children, for now, you can open and close the children with the X, they are only hiding when closed so no data lost from the state you were in! The hub window, now that you brought it up should have a min to tray, will add that in next release!
also, I didn't have the children register to the tray at all to minimize the clutter and in my mind, the hub bar is the min to tray for the children =]


Cool, I like it.

Haha nice analogy, if only the X worked in real life :) thats way too many kids for me, and thats if they do what theyre told.
Ill go with dogs n puppies if you ever make themes for it :D

Scalable window/stretch size for each.. the pro comfort.. i liked everything about the map though, other than the size and using the journal to use the mark coords that popup, was gunna fly around and look at stuff but most of the time i was in the ocean or stuck in a tree and couldnt use the dirt stuff on the right.
The 3 toggle buttons "Live, ShowCommands, Responsive" interesting toggle colours for on and off.
In my head, when i look at the map, the Trammel and Tokuna button colours are switched, or do people think of Tokuna as blue? i can understand Felucca being red.


I was just messing with a color themed design, not sure if it works or not for people as your the first to bring it up, tbh I'm not much of a UI guy so I am always looking for feedback, it truly drives the direction of my work, if I feel a desire in the community for something, I do my best to make it happen, if I can! I feel the pressure already growing inside me to get back to this project but I do really have to finish what I am doing first, should be done and released in the next week or so!

*Unless it is crashing for some reason but BB should be solid, then I'll do a hotfix!


That all sounds awesome.

Yeah its different, almost deceptively powerful, can only compare it to the 1 other GM tool out there haha.
If you plan to get this working with ClassicUO then this sets the standard for admin tools i think? right? don't need anything else or need to use an old client.
Colours wise, i can now make chat pretty based on the buttons colour for fun, did u know this forum has no RED.. all the colours are slightly off hex.

3 things!
1) Im not sure if this is show commands but if it is can it be turned off? i was getting "speech queue delay" pop ups while doing catman things in bucs den, idk if that means anything or i was too fast for the server or if i need to find and disable a server setting, i couldnt find it in client options.

2) Viewer, if i clicked onto the scroll window to the right of [Item] [Multis] [Land] too quickly after opening Viewer it will crash, between the times of opening and the message that eventually pops up saying its loaded there is a potential for crash if i click into the drop down menu.

3) Window Management, i like how the windows stay open and remember their position like the container settings in ClassicUO, But.. Closing the Parent window Closes all the pet windows along with it, maybe a lame popup option to close all the others with it? i know i would tick the radio toggle box that turned that let me close them all by closing the main big one, closing the little ones should be fine without closing everything.
-Kinda like closing a chest when you have a bunch of the bags open, you hear the eeurrrr chest noise the bags are closed too.
-idk if this is just me being a UO green thumb and not knowing those other windows can be useful without the Parent, i feel like if i had the Viewer open i would want the other windows too, but if i closed the main Viewer window that has the pictures i would have no need for the other little windows that were opened with it, same with the MAP and the Travel window, i would always be having the World Map open with Travel, for all the window bundles in the tool, using Viewer and Map as examples.


Now that is feedback, will get to work on all of what you listed in the next update, keep it coming, I'll tend to the crash in the morning as a hotfix!


I wanted to address a few of you questions before I release the update, as for linking windows together depending on what goes with what, ie: Map and Travel, They are independent, but belong to map tool, so I have the hub open both but you can decide which one you want to show by clicking the x on the one you are not using, the map will allow you a birds eye view of entire map, by clicking on map you can travel to or close to the point, I will work on that, and there is a mark, which right now will only show info in game of your location, you can use this info in the travel menu, we'll get to that in a sec, last but not least, is the teleport button, so when you get to a point from map, you can use the tele to move around, really helps when you end up on a black tile or on top of a tree from the initial map click travel!

As for the travel menu, this is where you can save destinations, either the last one you were at or you can enter manually the coordinates posted from mark in game, it is saved to the list which all you need to do to revisit is click from the list, the -/+ buttons on that menu are used to remove and add locations!

As you can see, both are separate in there uses, the only shared thing between the map tools is that the last traveled location from the map is shared with the travel!

This goes for all tools, each has its own things they perform and likewise, they also share info with each other when needed, the most confusing in my mind will be using the move tool for both decorating and the builder tool, hence the builder tool button, this toggles the move tool to either work with decor or builds!
Also the Show Commands, that only toggles the menu that pops up when not running the game and just blackbox on its own, it exposes what blackbox is sending to the game! This is mainly to debug stuff but also serves as a way for the tool to be transparent! The spam detection is from the game system, preventing spam, this would happen if you are using a command to fast, as it is basically performing what you do in game with any command [ ... you can test this by repeating the command you used in blackbox and uses it in game via [yourcommand in the same fashion!
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Nice, i can see my house from there!

BUT.. heh heh heh..

I struggle using the big map, mostly to pin point my character, or the nearby landmass im in, 1 blink and i could be looking at a different island or dungeon square.

Same with the zoom, its great, but same again i struggle to something something my character.
-ever watch Gremlins movies? and there was that one gremlin that had the eyes that would roll around-never able to focus on the one thing, thats what i feel like when im using the map.
-the chess piece up top right as idea for character lock/track/toggle?
-when i first boot up the map it starts at the very top left of the big map and then i manually need to use the sliders to go to the zoom location i want, which for lack of a better explanation feels like ice skating.
-dotted rectangle in big map to show zoomed in location?
-maybe even an indicator for the player on both maps? toggle on/off?


I tried to LEFT CLICK (HOLD) and drag on the zoom map to navigate rather than use the side scrollers and got a cool transparent bigger map to show up.
-something in me likes to see those bigger map images, even if it was brief it felt like i was using a satellite with google maps or something.
-if there ever gets an additional button for a bigger window with any of these maps i will use it over the smaller ones.

The minimize to tray..
When i minimize GD13BlackBox... can it minimize all the other boxes too?
-The sleek but simple design of the main bar is cool, iv been able to find spots to stash it on the screen, its all the other windows that remain on the screen that will fill it up, which is good for design mode, i like it, but then i tab to a browser to watch another C# video on namespaces or to reply to discord and i need to click the X to close each box.


The map will get more functionality as I progress, I will try to add all the stuff you mentioned!
I'll make sure to include the children in the min to tray, forgot to link them in the last update, my bad!