Getting Social!


If you've visited the site recently and wasn't logged in/not registered. You should notice a new, and hopefully welcoming change. I've now made it possible for you to register an account with the forum using either your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

This should making it much easier for you to register now, and hopefully more people will be willing to make an account here so we can start building a nice sized community. I've also made it possible for you to invite your friends to ServUO. You can do this via the widget on the home page, or via this page:

Among being able to invite friends from these services, I've also made it possible to easily share a post with these services (plus a million other services, never heard of majority of them...) by using the new icons found near the like links for posts.

Among other small changes made to the forum, although minor. Really help things stand out better. Attachments on threads now will stand out much better as they are highlighted in green. I've also made it possible for people to register as a Developer on the forum.

Being a Developer:

Applying as a developer is easy, it's done from your user control panel. It's a usergroup that may be joined by anyone. Applications are moderated though, meaning if you may not be approved.

Getting approved is a rather easy process. You must have at least 3 customs shared on the forum, or references to them being shared somewhere. This doesn't mean you provide us with this in the application. We will do our best to look you up and see for ourselves. Although you are welcome to send me a PM here on the forum with actual links to stuff you've made.

Perks of being a Developer:
  • You get to see who has downloaded attachments on the forum (See who your audience is.)
  • You can upload more images/attachments to posts.
  • No blocked from flooding/posting too fast.
  • Can fully moderate their own threads that they make (must be thread starter.)
    • Can delete/undelete their own posts or the thread.
    • Can edit thread titles.
    • Can delete/undelete other people's posts in your threads.
    • Can unlock/lock your threads.
    • Can edit polls in your threads.
That's it for site updates. Stay tuned for more updates on the repo, while we continue to work on things on that end.


You're one of the people that do the approvals, lol. Meaning you could approve yourself to join. Although, addressing your question. Well known developers of the UO community won't need the proof. You'd be one of them. So if they're well known and use the same username here, we'll be able to verify it without providing proof.