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Give Reward RunUO 2.x 2018-09-27

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Aschnyder26 submitted a new resource:

Give Reward RunUO 2.x - Give Rewards to all accounts on the fly

I did not write this but found it in my files so I thought I'd share it for anyone who needs something like this.

It is a gift giving system for holidays, events etc. It allows you to give custom gift packages on the fly to either bankboxes or backpacks of all accounts. You can also choose the items and their amounts manually or use the random items button. To call the gump use the command "[EGiveReward". This is a drop in script no edits should be required.

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just a question what do the range do or what is purpose of it in the gump?

Like I said I didn't write this but I think the range is for when you want to issue a reward possibly to people just in range of an event or place. So if a GM ran an event and wanted to give a gift to the people in the immediate area they might use the range modifier.