Fixed GM Robe "Bad type"


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"[Add" command (Add menu) > Items > Wearables > Suits

bad type
bad type
bad type
bad type

Milva said:
There is a StaffRobe which serves for GM, Admin, Owner, etc.
So I would think those just need to be removed in the gump?
Milva said:
I tested the add menu last night with servuo and no nerun's and the add menu did show those bad types Of course I downloaded the quick zip servuo to test out, not sure if this makes a difference.
Milva said:
This would be an SS of what Ziru is stating for
Add menu > Items > Wearables > Suits
Really does not matter since there is a staff robe, just shows bad type for robes which there use to be


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Ravenwolfe said:
This is an issue with Nerun's not ServUO.
Ravenwolfe said:
The GM Robe is part of Nerun's and there are tons of posts about pieces of nerun's not compiling with the new RunUO 2.4 and 2.5.
Ravenwolfe said:
the GMRobe, AdminRobe, SeerRobe that are giving you the bad typesare part of nerun's

However, most of Nerun's was removed from ServUO but it was overlooked on the Add command.
Therefore, you get bad types because they were removed from ServUO.

It is a simple fix.


ServUO Developer
This requires an edit to the Data/objects.xml file.

In the objects.xml, search for "suits" and change the xml by removing the AdminRobe, GMRobe, CounselorRobe and SeerRobe references. Add the StaffRobe in place of those, it should look like this:

<category title="Suits">
<object type="Server.Items.DeathShroud" gfx="8270" />
<object type="Server.Items.DupreSuit" gfx="8272" />
<object type="Server.Items.StaffRobe" gfx="8271" hue="38" />
<object type="Server.Items.LordBlackthorneSuit" gfx="8259" />
<object type="Server.Items.LordBritishSuit" gfx="8258" />

The StaffRobe replaces all of those robes by giving you one robe that gets the accesslevel from the person who puts it on. Therefore, the others are not needed.