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Mar 18, 2014
Kalamazoo, Michigan
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A few years ago I played on a server that had harvesting nodes (items on the ground that you could mine/chop/fish to get increased resource drops, example: a Valorite mining node. You would only get Valorite ore from a Valorite Node) Does anyone have these scripts? and be willing to share? I would even be willing to trade services.. Im pretty good at world building, event creation, and xmlspawners and quickly learning more everyday when it comes to quest creation.

Im working on an area for crafters to be able to excel their crafting, as harvesting is NOT fun.. and a game should be fun.. I let players afk harvest on my server, but i throw obstacles in their way from time to time when i feel its being abused. I dont know if anyone here has ever played Lord Of The Rings Online.. but they have "crafting dungeons" its more or less a solo dungeon, that has increased harvesting nodes.. and i would like to try to replicate this in UO, hoping that it will cut down on the amount of AFK resource gathering, by making harvesting.. well.. fun.. any input or scripts you have would be appreciated.. im getting better everyday when it comes to editing exsisting scripts, and bending them to my will :D and being a hard core crafter myself, this project is one of my priorities.



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Feb 5, 2014
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Actually yes... there is a dynamic mining system that someone created a while back. It was the same guy that made the system Deep Dungeons for Praxiiz's Ultima Live. Anyway the dynamic mining script did not need Ultima Live (I don't think)… if I remember correctly it was all done through a mobile... who also acted as a spawner for the ore collected.

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