Help with some ideas RUNUO 2.6


So i have some ideas I want to try to make but before that some questions and possible some hints on where to begin since I’m not that good at this.

First of I want to make some items that drop from monsters that you can use to add stats to armor/weapons like +str, hit chanse etc.

Second I want to make it so only crafters and use these items to add the stats. So like for a katana a blacksmith with x skill has to do it and if he is the one that crafted the katana I want to item so give the stat x2. So lets say “name” crafted the katana and left his/her mark on it and wants to add a dragons heart to the katana it will give +2% hitfireball instead of +1% and so on.

And for this to work I want to turn of the random stats/enchants you get on loot.

Last but not least I want extend the taming possibilities to other monsters but add other skillchecks like magery, for like and earth elemental you would need 50 taming and 80 magery to have a chanse tame it.

Adding the stats etc on weapons and armor I have an idea how to do, I made some scrolls that added stats to pets before and I think I could use that as a base. Will link below if someone wants to have a look.

For the others I’m really lost and would be glad for any tips/hints on how to start this.

Working on a RUNUO 2.6 and 7.0.42 client.


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