Info from Insanity about the Archive/Resource


From Insanity:
There is an issue with the new version of resource manager conflicting with features of an add on. It is an easy fix (I just have to do a few updates.) Although I'm stuck with horrible net ATM. I can browse the forum from my phone. But doing anything at home from the PC isn't possible right now. I will be going in to town tomorrow on my day off though. Will remember to grab the laptop and fix the issues by tethering to my phone if I'm not too busy.
Sucks, having my hands ties like this because I can't access the net. Although were moving into town come early next month. So that will change soon. Please relay this to everyone else I'd you don't mind.
You will not see information posted about the script posted plus you will not be able to post new scripts in the Resource area, so just a heads up this will be fixed :)
Thanks Everyone!


I'm beginning to wonder if this Insanity person is real...I only see @Milva posting information like this :p

Thanks for the update Insanity....whomever you REALLY are LOL