INSANEUO - Pre-AOS blended with Post-AOS with many rules nullified and tons of mods.


Jul 31, 2020
This server is looking for players. There is no skill gaining on the server all gains are done through the provided skill balls so that aspect of the game has been completely removed and then some... If interested in trying something completely new and different from anything else out there I recommend checking out this server. They had a host issue a month or so ago and so they got off their ass and started a backup system so server is completely backed up twice a day to the cloud to insure that it doesnt happen again.

Only monsters make you fizzle, cast or chug with hands full, lrc not needed for magery, mark runes inside of your own house, ect...

they even have it so speed hacks work...; only your not allowed to do more than 2x speed hack.