instruction videos


has anyone ever made any youtube videos or anything explaining how to add custom art or maps onto your server? If so can you please share the link?



I have to say, video tutorials are probably popular these days. But I don't think they will reach the good level of the old way of writing and taking photos on a website (or forum) for the creation of maps or graphics in UO or other games. There is only one reason for this. You don't have to search in minutes of video, or stop a video when you need it. The instructions must be flexible. The video tutorial can't do that. This will happen in the future, but it is not today. Therefore, personally, when I write a tutorial, definitely "NO", like a video.

But, let's talk about it. I'm interested in the opinion of other people. Možná existuje další možnost, jak vytvářet Tutorials.

Cyrddin, ask me publicly or privately. I know many aspects of creating in UO and how to work with programs and files. I will definitely be happy to help.