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January Bug Fixes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Dexter_Lexia, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Dexter_Lexia

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Jul 3, 2014
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    I think we had a lot! Thanks to @Vorspire, @argalep, @XeroX, and @Ravenwolfe!

    -Fixed issue with commodity deeds in ship hold
    -fixed fishing pole not equipping
    -fixed issue with armor/weapon hits dropping way too fast
    -fixed talisman superslayer display
    -champion spawn now has a default SpawnRadius as well as SpawnMod
    -auction safe deeds are now blessed
    -fixed shadowguard crash
    -fixed eodontribesman crash
    -voidpool spawn will now spawn with no loot, added property for no loot in basecreature
    -Enchantress cameo super slayer
    -Myrmidex crash fix
    -Fixed shrink table limit and shrink items not showing up properly
    -removed collection extensions, used static methods instead
    -added High Seas Fish trophies
    -added dinos to hunstmaster hunt list
    -fixed cleanup brit instrument rewards
    -fixed BaseWeapon OnHit durability decay (further research needed)
    -removed enable/disable auto insure for SA+ expansions
    -added refused trades context to playermobile, plus support
    -monsters will now aggro on player summons
    -gargoyle tinkers now sell basketweaving book
    -fixed tiger itemid
    -fixed tiger/dragon turtle hatchling exploit
    -added durability to blackthorn worn rewards
    -added durability to VvV clothing rewards
    -added Termur PvPWarn Gump (reference:xrunuo)
    - Updated slayer groups regarding shadowguard monsters
    - Fixed Shadowguard Boss Crash
    - Block now works as per EA + buff bar
    - Paragon Chests now fill with new loot, if Enabled
    - VvV participation is now character centric, as opposed to guild centric, ie guilds aren't VvV, the individuals can choose to join or not.
    - Fixed VvV crash
    - Fixed message when you try to use a passive mastery spell
    - Gargoyles morphed by barracoon will no longer Fly
    - Fixed Myrmidex Invasion Spawner
    - Added Chicken Coop/Incubator to Carpentry meny
    - Fixed runebeetle crash
    - added durability to spellbooks
    - added negative attributes to spellbooks
    - added negative attributes to BaseTalisman
    - fixed cliloc for moon crystal shard in craft menu
    - QuestSystem kill method now gives credit to all in loot rights List
    - using taxidermy kit on hunting permit now yealds the hunters Name
    - VvV is now player specific, and is no longer guild specific, per ea
    - added south britannian sea region
    - cleanup reward veteran mini house deed fix.
    - fixed vvv battle crash
    - Runics no longer add props to craftable artifacts
    - Fixed incorrect layer on Epaulettes
    - VvV Items cannot be altered
    - Fixed craft gump crash
    - Boats should now be removed from Corgul Region at server startup if it is not active
    - Eodonian Wall Map fix
    - Fixed various issues regarding VvV Notoriety
    - fixed lighthouse crash
    - Altering items should now carry all properties over. I still need a list of artifacts/special items that can be altered.
    - prism of light tele now teleports pets
    - Community collections should now let players donate gold from their accounts
    - Community Collection Britannia Waters now accepts HS fish/lobsters/crabs
    - Fixed type with quest giver chiefs
    - Added proper hue to HS Expansion requirement in craft menu
    - Charcoal can now be made with logs and/or boards
    - Craft menu resource count display now shows the proper amount, ie logs and boards combined
    - Fixed Quest of Singularity Q and A's
    - Fixed namespace conflict with Coords (my bad)
    - Size changed to BananaHordeSize to prevent system conlicts
    - Fixed typos: depricated and persistance
    - Altering: added ring/plate gloves, ring gloves of mining, Rangers Cloak Of Augmentation, LT sash, shadow cloak.
    - Plate Samurai armor now gives MageArmor property if crafted exceptional
    - non-spell channeling weapons now drop during spell casting (where applicable)
    - Added ethereal retouching too to vet reward List
    - Added Boura and tiger ethereals
    - added command [ExemptCities (admin) for any shard owners who may want to restrict particular cities from VvV Battles
    - Fixed Blackthorn Invasion Spawner crash
    - replaced strongmongat with greatermongbat in new haven quest
    - gauntlet traps now delete when the spawner is Deleted
    - Ecru Citrine Ring reduced enhance pots to 50
    - MageWeapon now gives magery gains per EA
    - Fixed resource consumption w/ necro spell scrolls
    - Despise Revamped will now delete the duplicate ankh that can prevent players from getting a good aligned orb
    - Leaving Despise now deleted your orb AND pet
    - Skill mastery primers volume 2 have higher chance (x3) to drop
    - fixed buff not appearing for chivalry passive Mastery
    - VvV items will not be accepted by clean up brit containers
    - Added new music defs
    - abyssalIngernal, Medusa, ptimevallich, navrey, pixi renowned, drop artifact fix.
    - add navrey pillar
    - RisingColossus spell fix
    -Added BalancedWeapon (replaced balance) to AosAttributes. Couldnt add it to AosWeaponAttributes as the values go to high!
    -Balanced can now be added to new loot system on 2 handed Weapons
    -Tattered ancient scrolls are no longer stackable
    -Satyrs in lady melisande encounter will now attack players
    -Spell masteries of the entire focus are now useable as long as at least volume 1 is learned
    - fixed dragon turtle spawn titles
    - fixed items going to internal map via crafting
    - Navery respawn time re-set to 10 minutes
    - updated VvV artifacts
    - added shadowguard addons to valid internal items for XmlFind
    - wildfire no longer works on players in houses
    - Updated Navrey damage and time fix
    - whitepearl not drop fix.
    - Mastery crash fix
    - Rising Colossus status and skill fix (osi calculate)
    - Added ability to authenticate to a smtp server. If not set, anonymous authentication will be used.
    - Database schema added with [InitMyRunUO
    - Replaced saving throw with warriors gift
    - Update to readme and SafeFileHandle
    - fixed chief paroxysmus internalizing bulbous Spawn
    - Fixed crash
    -added seed box
    -added BaseGump class. eases Html formatting, and provides child/parent gump support, as well as gump refreshing.
    -dye tubs and monster statuettes should now be useable by anyone
    -Supernova potion is now per EA
    - Moved Bone Arms to the correct folder
    - Tyballs Shadow Phys Resist reduced to 80
    - pet control chance/passive mastery now checked when taming is soulstoned.
    - Added Exploring the Deed Quest, plus various bug fixes to the quest
    - Update DragonTurtleHatchling.cs to Control Slot 5
    - Added AssemblyInfo.cs for UltimaSDK
    - Added support for morph earrings
    - Fixed slayer drop as regular loot, no more eodon slayer
    - Added 100 tile range check to champion for powerscroll drop, including protector
    - decreased drop chances for SOT on Navery
    - Fixed GrizzlyBear turning into RagingGrizzlyBear
    - Pirate/Merchant ships now must be scuttled to board them
    - Fixed issue where ghosts were given credit at the VvV Altar
    - Added Config settings for new loot generator
    - Fixed peerless master key issue where it would not let players back in the boss encounter
    - loot update for Random ITem Generator
    - teleporter fixes
    - Fixed splintering weapon where players were not returning to normal speed
    - special shoes can no longer be altered
    - Slasher of veils terrorize no longer effects ghosts
    - Fixed names on harrower skull braziers
    - Clockwork Leggings can now be enhanced/imbued
    - Ice Wyrms can no longer be tamed
    - Fixed crash with peerless altars
    - Peerless altars no longer reset if it was active during last Save
    - Fixed vaious issues with spawners/teleporters. This will only effect during world load, so if you have an existing shard, I suggest you fix these issues manually
    - fixed sigil crash
    - added tattered wall Map
    -added new consume resource func in CraftItem that would override the existing resource check/consume. This can be for complex crafting resource checks, instead of bungling up the original method. See TatteredWallMap in DefMapmaking.cs.
    -Fixed crash
    -Added teleporters for dead players in Shame
    - Updated a few slayers
    - Fixed weight for fertile dirt
    - Updated monsters that do Aura Damage, per EA
    - Moved Life Drain ability (ie succubus, Semidar) to BaseCreature.cs
    - Added monster stealing/rewards and support
    - Fixed Lord Oaks Attack per EA
    - Update to random number generator
    - converted various DateTime.Now to DateTime.UtcNow
    - Added Salvager of the Deep Title
    - Added TOL Recipes/Set Armor to Eodon monster drops
    - Added new Quests Ratmen/Sanctuary
    - Enchant Spell no longer works on a weapon with hit spell
    - Enchant Spell SC bonus now works properly
    - Fixed Skill Mastery Spell Cooldown message from going into negative
    - Eodon Recipe's no longer drop in ML Reward Bags
    - Players will no longer be orange to themselves after they quit VvV
    - Healing stone no longer deletes on server restart
    - fixed storage locker crash
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  2. Vorspire

    Vorspire Vita-Nex: Core
    Admin ServUO Developer

    Jul 29, 2013
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    That certainly is a lot of work, but it couldn't be done without the help of those reporting the bugs, too!

    @Tasanar has been exceptionally helpful with consistent bug reports.
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  3. Dexter_Lexia

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Jul 3, 2014
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  4. Tasanar

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Oct 16, 2014
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    Great work guys! Thanks for everything you do.
  5. Maicom Stoppa

    Maicom Stoppa Member

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Damn, that's work! U guys are monsters! Congrats!
  6. arielgomesb

    arielgomesb Member

    Jul 4, 2016
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    THANKS for provide us with this great emulator!
  7. XeroX

    XeroX Member

    Jun 8, 2016
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    Looking for more fixes and imporvements incoming this month :D at least from my side.

    BTW @Dexter_Lexia and all other devs is there any roadmap or plans for the project?

    - Like moving more settings related stuff like e-mail settings, reports to cfgs?
    - Improving DataPath detection if not set
    - Moving core functionallitys to ultima.dll or vice versa?

    #7 XeroX, Feb 1, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  8. Milva

    Admin Moderator

    Mar 3, 2013
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    Big Thank You to Dexter_Lexia for all your hard work!! Also to the Developers- and for those sending in pull request's and those reporting all the nasty bugs! :) Great team by all!!
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  9. jamisoncrzy

    jamisoncrzy Member

    Jan 21, 2014
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    I know this is going to be a very noob question, but is there a way I can get this update without having to reinstall and losing everything?

    Edit: Actually I have just returned recently so my shard is still basically fresh. Ive only got as far spawning the world. If I use github, does that allow to install updates/fixes without losing any of my files?
    #9 jamisoncrzy, Feb 2, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  10. Maicom Stoppa

    Maicom Stoppa Member

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Yes, it does.
    If you modified any of the .cs files, and if that file was modified by the devs after, you will have to merge it. But if you don't, the process is transparent.

    Note: Not a single dev update, ever, will make your saves invalid.

    If you download it via git, go to the console/bash, at the servuo folder and type:
    "git pull origin master". This will update your files.

    Remember to recompile everything after. If Git finds any conflicts, it will warn you.
  11. jamisoncrzy

    jamisoncrzy Member

    Jan 21, 2014
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    Thank you! I just installed the git software and set it up (hopefully correctly) last night. Havent tested anything yet.

    .... I also just realized this update is for one of the servUO servers isnt it? lmao.
  12. Maicom Stoppa

    Maicom Stoppa Member

    Jun 17, 2014
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    No no no. These are the updates to the official repository.
  13. Jesus

    Jesus New Member

    Feb 4, 2017
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    Hi friends I want to ask you something Do you have the Ultima Online Speed program?
  14. jamisoncrzy

    jamisoncrzy Member

    Jan 21, 2014
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    never heard of it so im guessing not?
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 4, 2017 ---
    Ah ok. Well either way I reinstalled.
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