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Looking for a Customizer

Discussion in 'Looking For Help' started by Marcel, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Marcel

    Marcel Member

    Nov 15, 2015
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    Hello everyone,

    right now i am looking for someone who can add Custom Creatures / Items to my/our Server!

    We can use help at mapping with Centred+ first target is a new Newbie Dungeon for the New Players and also a high end Dungeon with Custom Bosses and some Special Loots that will be sorted out later when the Dungeon is Alive.

    The Current state of the Shard is:
    • TestServer Running on a VServer in a German Datacenter
    • A Linux Root Server in a German Datacenter is ready for a live shard soon
    • We have the TestShard Mode active right now for testings
    • We have started to work on a Multilanguage Website (Joomla) + pbpBB3 Forum for Informations exchange (for the Staff mainly at this stage)
    • We have a Centred+ Map Server running:)
    • we upgraded all Spell Icons!
    Right now we have a small list of Active Scripts:

    • Knives Chat
    • OWTL 4
    • Everlasting Bandage
    • Evo Weapons
    • (Working on) Tamer generation upgrade so we can Shrink pets and have Bio Engineering
    • GuildTransferStone
    • well some more but not worth to mention yet

    Actual main Plan:

    Well the main plan at the moment is to get the Shard Ready for Players! So the first todo list is:

    • Dungeon Build (Newbie)
    • Finish the Luna Shopping Basement (with rentable Vendor Spots)
    • Create the first Townhouses in Luna and make them Rentable
    • get the Tamer Upgrade running!
    • finish the work with the Patching Programm which will enable a easy and fast way to keep Clients up to date! So we can continue Patching stuff in when the Server already runs in something like Weekly or Monthly Patches
    • Create Vendors in the Luna Shop Basement with special stuff to sell
    • Create a few overpowered cool Staff Items so the Staff Members have a easy way to test events
    If your interested don't be worried to Contact me here in the Forum or ICQ 292228750

    For your Information i am a German dude so i can only type english not speak it hehe
    and i am not a Programmer i am just able to use the Stuff here and work with it.

    Yours Sincerly

  2. Marcel

    Marcel Member

    Nov 15, 2015
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    Hello Everyone!

    just wanted to give a little upgrade!

    I am Still looking for Helpers in every spot!

    the list of Active Addons got a bit bigger and it's actually too much to List.

    We been building a little Newbie Area // Preparing a Raid (Mini Boss good loot for Newbies Dungeon) // Builded the Luna Basement Bazaar!

    Infos About me:
    I have been gone for a while as my 3 Helpers left me alone, so i took a break, the Server been always up and Running as it is running on a Rented Root Server in a German Datacenter so there was no issue for the Server to be Offline and also we had Zero Players so far as we are still in the Building Phase and there was no real open Alpha Phase yet.

    Last thing i been working on was the Website where i am actually looking at again!

    Maybe your interested in helping this Project to get back on the road heres our Discord Invite https://discord.gg/sVNRJ9x feel free to join me and have a Chat.

    Yours Sincerly

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