Looking for a job.

I've been in and out of the community for a very long time, starting with UOX/UOXC/UOX3. My passion usually is with world-building. My first job working on a shard a very long time ago quickly earned me a "lead worldbuilder" position. I enjoy the creativity behind it.

I am typically available during the day Eastern Standard Time. Teamspeak, Hangouts, ICQ etc.

I bring a lot of experience in a lot of different ways. Most recently I've been just designing my own custom shard which will take me far to long by myself and would like to assist others with their shards to change things up.

If you are interested in seeing a few basic designs of mine, here's a thread I shared some work in.

I can also do some consulting work if you need some constructive criticism for your current designs.
Feel free to contact me.
ICQ: 23577138


He hasn't been on since Aug of last year. Might try contacting him on his included ICQ messager.