Looking for a pvm based shard


Hello everyone I am wanting to join a PVM shard/craft-based shard.
What I am looking for in a shard( don't have to have all these features just the ones that are marked with * , if not it's gonna be a dealbreaker for me)
  • * PVM Ruleset only
  • * Centered around crafting mechanics.
  • Druid spells
  • * No skill cap, stat cap around 300-450 range.
  • Crafting recipes locked by recipe scrolls - I remember there was a server I use to play that had this, you have to use the item's recipe scrolls to unlock the ability to craft the item.
  • Custom skill-based dungeons. ( Only certain skills are able to be used in these types of dungeons.)
  • All the BODs Types (Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Fletching, Carpentry, Alchemy)
  • * Great community to build within
  • OWTLR (Or any other custom resource Alternatives)
  • Custom Pets (Evos, Rainbows, etc)
  • Higher Powerscrolls than 120s
  • New maps ( Trammel and Fel Does get quite Boring, cause you know what the map consists of.
  • A story/lore about the world
  • Quests ( based around the lore of the world, and some random quests to kill some time.)
  • * SA/HS or higher ( haven't played since SA/HS)
  • Monster hunting ( was like a BOD System but for slaying creatures.
Love to hear from any shards that have any of these kinds of features.


Try ultima adventures? Always looking for good and honest folk to join our little community. Its in the resources section. We have a live server 24/7 based in texas.


Darkness-once-forsaken.com based in Canada and we have most of what you are looking for plus a few things you Didn’t mention like farming/ranching monsters craft able by skill and more.


Ngl final's server is a totally different up experience I had yet. I def recommend it
Will have a look at this tonight after work it look nice. yesterday ive took a look at some shard but i wasnt sucessfull at finding something I wanted to try. Hope to see you in game.
If you want to try UODreams is both pvm/pvp ruleset

Is a 18 year old shard, started with Age Of Shadow and going to Samurai Empire, Mondain Legacy and now Stygian Abyss.
We have finish just 1 month ago the implementation of Imbuing and Runic Reforging system.

There are a lot of custom events pvm based, some are unique event and some was continuous event, for example you describe a system for collect pvm objectives, we have the Dangerous Adventure that require to complete 7 book of objectives to enter in the final encounters.
Dangerous Adventure Info

If you want some information check me on Discord: TauronStaff#1324