If you are interested in changing the music in ultima to something completely custom besides possibly using the midi from other games which I believe would be called a remix (could be wrong)... GRIM has all the midi for each original uo soundtrack too in his GOLD client resource so I'm actually planning to remix them... So if you have any ideas or want a specific themed remix I'll see what I can do. Like if you want the Britain music to use a set of instruments from another track. Or maybe you want to remix another midi file shoot it my way. Once I get into the groove of things I should be able to make good music relatively quickly. Please keep in mind though that I'm just getting into it and dont really know how to set up a workflow for something like this yet. I will build a template off of this track bellow can you guess what it is?


I just made this quickly using BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin (which is free!) awesome lol


  • Buttmeister - APPROACH Remix.mp3
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