Looking for graphic arts work and advanced mapping work.


Im trying to build a portfolio and need work. Im not charging as long as you give me full rights to the images produced. I do graphics and 2d animations (animated web banners and such). I can make advanced custom maps from scratch with smooth terrain and rivers at various altitudes. You would paint the terrain map to get your own personal touch. I offer advice, tips, tricks, ect with anything I provide. All i ask is for a positive testimonial if you are satisfied.

im looking to make custom ground tiles, custom items, walls, basically anything you want replaced in the game except animations (learning yo do that soon). Website art. Banners. Ect.

If you dream it ill do my best to create it free of charge. Donations accepted but not required.

I’m quitting my job to get into free lancing so any project is a worthy one.


Hello, Im doing a post-apocaliptic uo server,

This project is based in an alternative time branch 4061 years after last known mage were killed. It´s a post-apocaliptic Uo project with a very deep lore.

If u want to join, there is a lot of work to do. Right now im doing everything myself. As there is a lot to work to do u can choose to do whatever u prefer or gets nice for ur portfolio. Im doing things never seen in UO before. I think u will find here what u r looking for. All the rights of ur works would be yours ofc. All ur arts would be considered contributions u allow us to use.
PRoject will be not monetized.

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Wow awesome sauce dude very cool yeah man ill talk to you in the pm all you need to do is send me a listbofbthings you want and ill start. I quit in 2 days so around that time is when i will actually start but yeah i look forward to contributing quality art!