Looking for work (Artist)


Looking to do commissions/custom work:
Can Make:
Animated Art/Items
Floor Tiles/Walls
Hue Files
Tile Textures ( Map Tiles )
Fix Issues with Existing Art
Have a handle on placement/lighting of items so they integrate well with existing art
General Custom Pieces
Some of my work I have provided for free here in the past. Rates are reasonable and I work to please swiftly and with quality in mind. Please contact me on discord if you are interested/have any questions: RedRooster#2475

Some Examples of my work:


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RedRooster is fantastic to work with. They work exceptionally fast, communicates clearly and frequently... Truly an excellent artist to have in your back pocket. I look forward to the next time I can work with RedRooster to step up my environment art.
I posted a bounty to have a custom animation done, a rework of an existing animation to create a new item.

Rooster took it on quickly, documented his progress, and provided a truly stunning result. After a bit of use I noticed a small relic from the edit, and Rooster was quick to jump on it and polish things up.

Can't say enough good things about working with this guy.


Want to add to the above recommendations. I also cannot stress enough how great it was working with this guy. RedRooster is fast, affordable and produces excellent work. I recently messaged him about making some complicated gump art pieces and he not only delivered amazing work, but communicated with me the entire time to ensure it was what I wanted. On top of all that - the entire process from messaging him to delivering the assets was within the exact same day! 10/10 will hire again.