Looking to hire (custom mapper)

The Funk

I require a large landmass with various biospheres throughout the facet. NO BUILDINGS!!! just raw wilderness. I have a map i was attempting that can be shown as refrence. i have since determined that it was a bit much for myself to handle and not sure what i am doing as for getting it right.

A 2nd map (all black dungeon space) should take up another facet. this will be used for dungeons, deep cavernous caves (not mining caves in the mountains), ect.

The client that i am using is

Any questions please PM me on here, reply to this post, or PM me on Discord (TheFunk#0139)


So i have some old uo maps for runuo 2.0 you would have to convert them and i am unsure how, there was discussion here about that some where, i might be able to help. pm me when you read this.