so umm yeah a long time ago i had the oppertunity to hang out with ravers it was fun. I was thinking recently that a rave server would be awesome. So as some of you know i produce music so i could produce custom tunes for the server. Here is what I'm looking for...

i need someone who can make clothing gumps and art for the server.
-At the bare minimum I need someone to teach me how to make clothing gumps as making art isn't that hard.

Secondly I need someone to help me make quests... So quests need to be dynamic meaning they will involve other players on the server. For example you receive a quest to deliver a package to said player and you have to then find them and trade them the package. If the player involved was aware that they were part of a quest.

Anyways I want to make a pretty cool city like its your average big city only smaller buildings and stuff. If this is at all interesting to you let me know in a dm so we can work privately on this. The goal is to create a fun place for ravers to hang out for free in a video game with competitive game play possible and without it being all folklore and what not so they wont feel like its too nerdy for them if you catch my drift.. Not that im saying uo is nerdy but i want to cater to people that would think its nerdy lol.

I eventually plan on passing out flyers for the server at a massive rave or something. putting flyers under car windshield wipers. It would be awesome to find such a flyer in my opinion
i want to take out all the monsters in place for humanoids. So there are hostile raver humanoids roaming. lol
i think it will be nessecary to change all the animations too so if anyone can help me learn that id be set
cause i dont want spears and katanas i want flashlights and chains :>