Loot and Speech


Hello everyone, i started a few days ago spawning at a RP Shard, doing all the ambientation and learning as well, and i have a few troubles that im in need of help because can't find where to study or understand if there is a tutorial already.
First thing, we want to remove gold and loot from some mobs, like skeletons or raptors droping gold and stuff, how to? Can it be setted from the spawnpoint at
.add xmlspawner ?
Also the other point is choosing a "skin" to the mob, like there is a pack of wolves and few are younglings and was thinking about making them look like Dogs, but when i tried that, spawning as Dogs with custom stats the other wolves attacked them on sight.
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Oh, i almost forgot at making the mobs say something, like *Barks* or "Stay away from here, human!"
But from a tutorial i learned only how to make them send the messages only when they spawn, can i set some frequency and variable to make them speak or play emotes regularly?


Loot has to be changed in each mobiles specific script file. Removing the gold drop would also remove the random item drops since they are tied together in a LootPack, and the mob drops the LootPack. Check out Loot.cs LootPack.cs and any normal creature under

Edit - And to answer your edit, you would have to make the mobile start a timer on spawn, and OnTick (when the timer finishes), run the message send code, and restart the timer.