Well I did a little searching and found this place after finding WFTPradio Gamers 2.0 setup online. After getting that working I found a mix of sites alive or dead now for supporting UO or who's version to run...
So i settled in here. I used to play ultima long ago I was on year 6+playing it i think.. but one day...After housing decay had kicked in after being gone only a few months, my home, my items, my rares...I mean I had a home...A nice large keep...And they blew it up, sooo after giving everything away on ultima game and deleting toons i swore to never touch EA servers again. And I still have not. I'm still super pissed with that company over that. Anyways. Looking forward to customizing my own uo server a bit and having some fun. I will forever CURSE the name EA for blowing up my home in a game. Just not cool.

*update a little bit later*

Ok so i've looked around the forums and there is alot of stuff to digest here...Quite a few different flavors we'll say or versions.
The volume of work that has been put in is really quite staggering for anyone who has done stuff on here. The art, coding and the 8000 other little things that had to be done for this to work. I'll just say Thank you to everyone in advance for making this a possibility. Now to continue a ridiculous amount of reading and try a few of these other pre pack servers and see how it goes.
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Welcome! I actually use to admin on that shard, even started scripting for them, if you see the name Lichking that use to be my in game name :)