Map Converter (ML to KR)



I'm presenting you a map converter from Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy map*.mul to Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn facet*.uop.

WARNING: It requires a lot of RAM (16GB recommended, 8GB minimum), because it loads whole map in memory.


As you may know, KR client uses different map format. This tool enables you to use Custom map with KR client. If you want to try, follow these steps:
  1. Download and install Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy.
  2. Edit or replace map (for example with CentrED).
  3. Download and install Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn.
  4. Download and run MapConverter, wait for converting to finish.
  5. Download and run CoreUO.
  6. Download and run client Patcher, set address with port 2593.
  7. Launch client and log in with any account.
How it looks on Mondain's Legacy:
How it looks on Kingdom Reborn:

If you are interested in Kingdom Reborn client, please take a look on CoreUO server emulator:

Feel free to ask or discuss any questions.


Good job.

It will be good to solve the memory problem (for example, divide the conversion algorithm into blocks) so that your program becomes more usable for users.