Fixed Meet your Doom...or not!


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May 19, 2013
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA
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Virtus Imperium
I made a thief and starting hitting Doom pretty hard, and I have notice the spawn is off. It is actually way to easy to navigate Doom. The area where the brazier, hanging leather should have gibberlings just outside there.
Where the skin animals and skull candle is should be 1 rotting corpse added to the spawn. There generally are more devourers wandering around, and the cemetary spawn needs tweak. Spawn on Bats in the halls may just need a range adjustment. I'm not sure on the Doom mechanics such as: Poison Rooom, Lever Puzzle, Secret Room, has there been any reports on Doom outside of Boss drops?
I feel the SA spawns also fail at stealing locations in difficulty, but I'm not real familiar with SA.

Someone with access may need to walk Doom to get it more on the mark.