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I saw, it's impossible to compile for .net 4.0, so I think it's impossible or difficult to compile for MONO.
I would like to know for what is used OpenUO for so if it's impossible to disable its usage. It could be very useful if you want to compile and run your server with MONO so Linux.

I would like to suggest, so, the ability to disable/enable openuo. Or if you already tested Mono's new compatibility with 4.5


Hi !

I have successfully compiled ServUO with Mono 3.0.7. ;)

But the problem is I get an error while launching ServUO : a problem with gumps in XmlSpawner... Weird, but I am still investigating before full report.



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It should work fine with Mono. As for the issue with the xmlspawner gump. Not sure, you should post the issue in the support section. Atm I don't even have a linux box setup to use, so I won't be of much help in this area. Sorry.


I am running Mono 3.2.1 and libgdiplus 3.0.

The only problem is with the community rewards system gump, where is gets the dimensions of the images using OpenUO.
It gets them using 16bit. We had to get the source code, modify and recompile in order to get it working correctly.

We picked this up when writing the Clean Up Britannia system, (OSI like)


Have you considered posting and issue to the OpenUO project? Mono support for the OpenUO project would be rather nice to have, if there is currently issues.

What changes did you have to make to OpenUO in order to get it to work on Mono properly? I'd be open to releasing a modded OpenUO library (and source) with ServUO if Jeff/@Vorspire can't get the changes added to the actual project.


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Any changes that OpenUO requires can be reviewed by myself as I have write access to the main GitHub OpenUO repository.

As of Publish 53, ServUO is .NET 4.0 standard, as is the implementation of OpenUO.
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