Fixed Mysic weapon bug


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Jul 21, 2014
We have recently received a report about a malfunction in the spell of mysticism - "Mystic Weapon"
The spell should work in such a way that it turns mysticism into a skill appropriate for the weapon in hand, which should be able to, for example, shoot a crossbow and "hit".
The problem is that after casting a spell you can shoot with a crossbow, the skill proper for it increases, but you can forget about the hit.

We suggest introducing - in file after line 1313 - the following code.
else if (m_ExtendedWeaponAttributes.MysticWeapon != 0 || Enhancement.GetValue(m, ExtendedWeaponAttribute.MysticWeapon) > 0)
if (m.Skills[SkillName.Mysticism].Value > m.Skills[Skill].Value)
sk = SkillName.Mysticism;
sk = Skill;