Mystic Vendor


The trainer for Mysticism has always been in Heartwood, unless this was changed?
I did look up the Mystic Vendor--(Train at Mystic vendor in [[Ter Mur]] | Conjures a healing stone, usable only by the Mystic.) Was this in before and now you can't find it?
Well, even before, I haven't been able to find it yet ... :)
Do you know the name of the vendor ? Isn't it something like Orthem ?
Thx thx for your help :)


I couldn't find one either, I did find a Mysticism Trainer in the Orb 3.0


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Hey ! Anyone got a Mystic Vendor to shard ? ;)

btw, I've been able to find the Mystic trainer too. Take a wandering healer and fix his Mysticism to 90. He's then able to train Mysticism ^^

Thanks !