Hail all,

I'm Andy, an old RunUO veteran and before that Sphere if anyone remembers that I ran a UO server for over 12 years and it's been enough time since my last venture. Life happens and I'm ready to start again. Sadly my old server is dead. The hard drive is gone and my backups seem to have been misplaced over the years. That said everyone who I used to play with has either lost contact or sadly passed away. It's for that reason I want to revisit and renew my old server. Making something new and a bit more everlasting, paying homage to my fallen brethren.

I would like to get some feedback on the current emulation and UO versions that are stable and fair use. Are there any veteran here that can give me some as unbiased as possible info on this topic?

Some notes of interest:
I'm not looking to heavily mod the server. A few tweaks to the economy and mod in some gameplay tweaks but mainly keep the style vanilla. I will want to automate some things like seasonal events and have npc farms working. And if the possibility exists, have the world spawns/quests/champs scale with the current online population.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,