New Changes


You may of noticed a few new changes over the past day or so. I've been working on tweaking a few things and what not. Trying to make the forum easier to use, and prepping for stuff in the future.

First of all, you'll notice that I've redone the Chat page on the forum. It still uses the same chat engine, and connects to the same irc channel as in the past. Although you now have the option of using the chat page, or using a pop up.

The chat page it's self should now auto adjust in width depending on your browsers window size. It should also offer you to use your forum nick name. The popup will resize to fit the entire window. If you drop by and hang out in the chat, you're likely to find me in there.

Second, you'll notice the New Posts link now has a counter. I believe many people that use the New Posts page will find this useful. As you can now see at a glance if there are any new posts, without even having to view the page.

Third, as you scroll down any page of the forum. You'll notice a button appear that will allow you to quickly go to the top of the page.

Forth, I've implemented a system that will fetch externally posted images and apply them as attachments to the matching post. Thus replacing the original external image with a locally hosted image. Meaning any images posted on the forum with external hosting, will be converted over. Which will keep images around, even if the external host is down due to bandwidth limits, or some other reason.

Fifth, live updates. This is something that will be useful to people that like to leave a tab open watching a forum. Here on ServUO, you will get live updates on Alerts & PMs. Without refreshing or visiting a page. It will also display a count on the favicon...which I need replace with a custom one.

Sixth, last but not least. I've updated the Tapatalk addon. Which now supports new features that XenForo 1.2 offers. Such as watching entire forums, and so on. For those of you that use Tapatalk, you'll also notice they have released a new stable build. Which is on sale for the first week for 99 cents, then it goes to $4.99. I would recommend purchasing it if you're a smart phone owner, I just bought it today.

That's all for now, expect more from me later. Also be sure to drop by the chat page, you may find me awake in there. =D