New Forum Updates


I've been hard at work on the forums lately. Fixing things, tweaking things, and improving things. Figured I'd give everyone a quick run down of the recent changes.

New Forum Jump List
  • If you mouse over the Forums' link on the navigation tab. You'll now be presented with a list of available forums instead of the old list. All of the old links are available in the sub-navigation menu on the forums page.
Quote This
  • You now have the ability to quote specific text from posts on any thread. All you have to do is highlight some text in a post. Once highlighted, a popup will appear that says "Quote This." When you click the button, the quote is stored in your cookies for a certain amount of time.
  • You are allowed to select multiple quotes.
  • To add a quote to a post you will find a link under the reply box when you have a quote stored. When you click the link, all of your stored quotes will be inserted into your reply box.
  • This allows you to quote just parts of a post rather easily, and is recommended over quoting an entire post if you have a specific reply.
New Moods
  • I've removed all of the old moods from the forum and replaced them with new ones. 242 of them to be exact. Meaning there is a mood for anything. Some moods are adult rated, and are meant to be humorous. If you can't handle it, you can place people on your ignore list.
Holiday Spirit
  • I've replaced the postbit and user/avatar areas on the forum with a more holiday theme. It is temporary and will be removed after the season is over.
  • I've added Identicon support. This will give people a unique avatar if they haven't set one up for their account.

I've also done some minor edits to the templates on the forum, such as the new grid layout on the main forum page for specific sub forums. Made is so threads linked to archive entries are displayed on the resource's page under the resource description, reviews are viewable in the tab as usual. And replacing some more images with font awesome stuff.

On top of all of this, I have also purchased a rather impressive wiki addon for the site. I currently have it installed and I am in the process of setting up the basic structure of the wiki before I make it available to the public. Plus I'll be revising the current ServUO Repo link on the navigation bar, replacing it with a more detailed dropdown that lead to pages to download the compiled version of ServUO, one to clone the official source code repository, and one for the project license.

Stay tuned for further updates to the site and ServUO project.


Thank you for the updates Insanity. 'Quote this' will come in handy! The holiday theme is neat =)

Edit: (1/2/14)
I just wanted to say that the holiday theme really gave a warmer feeling to the forums and I will look forward to seeing it next year.
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Wow you have had one busy day for sure- the forum becomes more awesome every day!! Thanks once again for all your hard work for this community!! And the holiday theme is great :)