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New Haven Tutorial for the EC (video)


I found this video - it includes a new player tutorial in the Old Haven area.
New players start south of the island - in the old dock area (as opposed to the current version of ServUO - where the game starts near the bank in New Haven)
Tutorial is active in Old Haven - runs from the docks through the interior of Old Haven, to the gates of New Haven.
I also noticed that in the current version of ServUO - inside the ruins of Little Shop of Magic (Old Haven area tutorial exit) - there are two red gates - which have no destination target (both do not work for teleport purposes).
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So I tested this. I made a new character and it sent me to the normal spot.

I am guessing the tutorial only appears once, on BRAND NEW UO accounts. Being such a limited part of the game, I agree with Dexter and doubt it will get done.

I will do as @Milva suggested and move it to Tutorials incase anyone wants to watch the video.