Unconfirmed Bug on unix console a server restart creates an endless loop


Jul 29, 2018
The check with Environment.UserInteractive sets NoConsole (even while the console is interactive and working fine...)
The ConsoleCommands ignores -noconsole/Core.NoConsole
The Process.Start in Main.cs creates a process which starts generating exceptions on "ReadLine" (because the original program is closed?)

I tried some alternative code for the ReadLine. (simple thread that just does loops commands.Enqueue(Readline())) the other side just checks if the !commands.IsEmpty, collects the command and processes it.
A try clause on ReadLine just breaks the loop on a catch (and prints it disabled the console)
Maybe a try/catch clause at the right place on the current BeginInvoke stuff also works...

This still means that I loose the console on restarts. Keeping the original process running seems a bad idea (I now seem to have two things looking at the console... and it seems to not free the resources)
The only idea had to solve this was to not have servuo restart in itself but have a invoking program that starts the server, and restarts it based on return value(?).