Update OppositionGroup deprecated


Oct 21, 2016
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This is intended for those using custom OppositionGroup monsters.
OppositionGroup functionality has been deprecated and replaced in default distro for anyone using Core.TOL. Opposition is now overseen with the much simpler Tribe virtual bool. All creatures that were fully functional in OppositionGroup now have a Tribe set to their TribeType.
Additionally, the green and gray goblin oppositions have been added with their own TribeType and non-enslaved goblins have their Tribe set.

Current valid enum list of TribeType: None, Terathan, Ophidian, Savage, Orc, Fey, Undead, GrayGoblin, GreenGoblin
(None is default for non-tribe creatures)

Example of usage in a creature file:
public override TribeType Tribe { get { return TribeType.Undead; } }

Those using OppositionGroup and do not desire to switch to Tribe need only open BaseCreature.cs and search for the two instances of Core.TOL and and invert them by prepending ! to each of them so that they read !Core.TOL. Likewise, those not using Core.TOL can do the same to use Tribe.
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