OSX Installation: Encountering Issues


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Sep 30, 2017
Hi everyone! Once upon a time, I worked with RunUO, and have recently decided to get back into it with ServUO. I have an OSX laptop, though, and installing ServUO here is proving very frustrating.

Thanks to Tsai and Vorspire on the Discord, I was able to attempt to compile using the make command in the terminal. However, after having fixed the situation with ScriptCompiler.cs, we ran into an issue we couldn't solve on executing the make:

ServUO - [https://www.servuo.com] Version 0.5, Build 6484.33752

Core: Running with arguments: -noconsole

Core: Optimizing for 4 64-bit processors

Core: Unix environment detected

RandomImpl: SimpleRandom (Software)

Core: Loading config...

Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...Error:

System.Exception: Compiler failed to produce the assembly. Output: ''

at Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeGenerator.FromFileBatch (System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters options, System.String[] fileNames) [0x002d1] in <70507a44a84041d599bbfa8f3d0ea5b1>:0

at Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeGenerator.System.CodeDom.Compiler.ICodeCompiler.CompileAssemblyFromFileBatch (System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters options, System.String[] fileNames) [0x0003a] in <70507a44a84041d599bbfa8f3d0ea5b1>:0

at System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider.CompileAssemblyFromFile (System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters options, System.String[] fileNames) [0x00006] in <70507a44a84041d599bbfa8f3d0ea5b1>:0

at Server.ScriptCompiler.CompileCSScripts (System.Boolean debug, System.Boolean cache, System.Reflection.Assembly& assembly) [0x001c8] in <ece41526bda34f4b89c80501c19c86ac>:0

at Server.ScriptCompiler.Compile (System.Boolean debug, System.Boolean cache) [0x00034] in <ece41526bda34f4b89c80501c19c86ac>:0

at Server.Core.Main (System.String[] args) [0x00501] in <ece41526bda34f4b89c80501c19c86ac>:0

This exception is fatal, press return to exit


What is the issue here and how can I deal with it? Who here has had an actually successful installation of ServUO on OSX, because most of what I see here is specifically for Ubuntu. Maybe there is another resource I should be going to?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Aug 18, 2017
I have ServUO running on freeBSD, which is closer to MacOS than Linux. My first question would be what version of make are you using? When compiling, I've had to use gmake to get things going as the default that comes with *BSD based systems fails miserably.