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Possible bug - Ninjitsu on Tokuno pet should get Hiding automatically

Discussion in 'Archived Bug Reports' started by Tasanar, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Tasanar

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Oct 16, 2014
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    @RedBeard posted this over on UO Heritage forums. He included some screen shots and stratics links.
    I did inform him that in some cases we definitely need more than some stratics links but I was wondering if any tamers out there could provide some insight on this.

    "https://stratics.com/threads/anyone-ever-put-ninjitsu-on-pet.395015/ (#2 thread)
    Only pets from Tokuno can get "real" ninjitsu. When you add it from the magic menu, the pet will be able to do the Ninjitsu attacks. The hiding goes to 100 immediately and it hides often. Some dont like the pet hiding while they are in the middle of a group. You should add it on the last round. It is hard to train on hard stuff when you cant find the pet to heal it.
    I added it to a Lesser Hiryu. The base pet is a killing machine. Ninjitsu adds some extra damage. It makes ninja noises and you get Frenzied Whirlwind for free. I could have put another ability but I wanted to try the pure magic."

    "I just added ninjitsu to my lesser hiryu and hiding is unavailable. Ninjitsu magic ability only truly available on Tokuno creatures is only way to get hiding it is listed but has a '_ _' where it should automatically jump to 100 its the entire reason I made this pet for my stealth tamer."

    "As this is a challenging topic to handle perhaps we need to open a forum solely concerning pets and the new training system and pool information and see if any more insight is available.

    Pawains posts: https://stratics.com/members/pawain.34698/
    If I cant refer to Pawain for info who should I refer to???

    I am unaware of anyone else using Ninjitsu as a skill on Heritage actually.

    The person I referred to on stratics [Pawain] to me seems legit as he seems to be the most knowledgable about the pet training system @ Stratics and has many posts with Lore screen pics, the pet training system has changed a little in how it handles Ninjitsu and Bushido as well, perhaps we need to dedicate better discussions here on this topic to make everyone aware, however, the hiding skill is posted as I mentioned which if you consider the EliteNinja.cs A_I they use hiding as a tactic and use many of the ninja spells as well as fukiya and shuriken, which had me intrigued in this. It is listed as a possible skill for a certain pet [Tokuno Pet]. I read someone talked about a Tsuki Wolf jumping out of hiding to attack and that just sounds bad ass
    Real UO has a test center where they encourage people to go test out pets first which is nice, but we don't have that, so I'd like to see conversations about different pet builds here as well."
  2. LordFenris

    LordFenris Member

    Jul 21, 2014
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    My three cents. From what I read in Stratics forum on OSI after adding Magic Ability - Ninjitsu pet should get GM hidding and stealth -
    "Good afternoon South, well there are 2 types of ninja pets... the passive ninja pets which learn it through moves like frez whil, and so on(they don't get the ninja UI/moves/hide/stealth)... and then the true ninja pets which are most monster in tok island(hiryu,lesser hiryu, T. wolves etc).. these gain the ninja UI and GM hideing and stealth"- (source : https://stratics.com/threads/ninjitsu-questions.400137/ )

    Unfortunately, I did not notice that it worked (pet is not hiding : /, also in Animal Lore you can not see Hidding skill)
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  3. Dexter_Lexia

    Moderator ServUO Developer

    Jul 3, 2014
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    No idea until someone gets on there and checks.
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