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Publish 100 - Some of these changes will need to be added to ServUO

Discussion in 'ServUO Discussion' started by Tasanar, May 16, 2018.

  1. Tasanar


    Oct 16, 2014
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    This publish is mostly bug fixes but some are quality of life improvements.

    The following changes have been published to TC1 as of the latest release date,

    • Resolved issue where players could have access to certain masteries after soul stoning a skill.
    • Players can no longer use soulstones with an active mastery.
    • Mastery passives will be removed on login if a player does not have the correct skill or active mastery.
    • Fixes issue where pet attacks would not proc the fiendish calling AI.
    • Covetous resource maps will now indicate when they are located in the Lost Lands.
    • Artifacts will preserve their max durability when exchanged with the Legendary Artificer.
    • Harbingers can now only be summoned in a cemetery.
    • Cannonballs can now be smelted.
    • Mannequins and stewards can now equip talisman.
    • You can now specify an amount of seeds to remove from the seedbox.
    • “Owned by” items can no longer be quipped on mannequins, stewards, or vendors.
    • Time of Legends items can now be dyed with natural dye.
    • Revenants spawned in doom will no longer endlessly pursue their victims outside of the dungeon.
    • Fixed issue where the New Magincia gardening contract would not work between years.
    • NPC mage guildmasters will always accept gold for training.
    • Fixed issue where the Silver Sapling would erroneously work outside of the Stygian Abyss.
    • Fixed issue where players could get stuck on the Spirituality shrine while on a trade quest.
    • Fixed the skill requirement for entering the City of Wind.
    • Level 5 & 6 treasure maps have been added to the Hag Quest.
    • Endless Journey players will receive a warning gump on login when mounted on a mount that contains items (This is currently live in Publish 99)
    • Fixed issue where guards would instakill red players participating in a VvV city battle.
    • Fixed issued where Global Chat presence would not be properly updated when players go offline.
    • Fixed issue where the exit locations for the Primeival Lich spawn could be blocked with items.
    • Fixed issue where Bard Mastery Despair would not deliver the correct damage.
    • The Gorgon Lens should now work on all equipment that fits in the head and neck slot.
    • The Cu Sidhe is now considered a wolf with regard to slayer damage.
    • There is now a delay when toggling acceptance of trades in the trade window.
    • Fixes issue where a number of skills could get stuck on a player. This issue will be resolved on player login.
    • Fixes issue where players purchasing City Banners would receive tokenization errors.
    • The Palomino Horse & Lasher can now be trained.
    • Gnarled Staves that do not have any “charges” associated with any magical spell item properties can now be reforged.
    • Fixed issue where ML artifact drops would not occur.
    • Pets duplicated by Medusa will no longer have positive karma.
    • Fixed issue where Messages in a Bottle would become erroneously named when used with the Davies’ Locker.
    • Sapphires have been added to the ore cart spawn.
    • Skeleton keys can now be combined up to 100 charges.
    • Yarn made on a spinning wheel will now properly stack in a player’s backpack.
    • The “wight” corpse will no longer be erroneously named.
    • Fixed issue where magic reflect buff icon would display erroneous information when logging in.
    • Adjusted Travesty’s wrestling skill
    • The Jewelry Box can now be secured with contents if the house has available storage.
    • Adjusted Despise Island Champ Spawn to reduce lag.
    • Cleanup Britannia points can now be exchanged between characters on an account by visiting the Cleanup Exchange Stone located at the Britain Commons.
    • The Britain Cleanup Officer will now spawn in the Britain Commons.
    • Amethysts spawned in Exodus Chests will now stack with those purchased from the Jeweler.
    • Sugarcane & Flax will now produce seeds.
    • Daemons, Ogre Lords, Silver Serpents, and Wisps will no longer be associated with factions, resulting in odd results while trying to bard them.
    • Flax will now produce flax instead of cotton.
    • Spellweaving spell “Word of Death” will now have the correct minimum skill requirement displayed in the spellweaving book.
    • Slayer damage will now impact Magery Mastery Death Ray.
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