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Update Publish #46

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Dougan Ironfist, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Dougan Ironfist

    Dougan Ironfist New Member

    Mar 3, 2013
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to Publish 46!

    There is quite a bit to cover in this publish. I will first list all the commit notes, then I'll give a short summary of what this publish includes.

    Code (C#):
    1. + Started Gump improvements
    2. -+ Input entries can use delegate callbacks instead of ID's
    3. --+ This allows Macro Proof gumps when Gump.MacroProof is set to true
    4. --+ All input entries have two callbacks they may use
    5. ---+ One that does a basic function
    6. ---+ One that can be used to pass an object as a param
    7. -+ Started writing shared gump feature
    8. ---* Need to add support for button responses for shared gumps
    9. --+ Gumps may have players as users, users will receive the same gump as the address
    10. -+ Started writing viewer feature
    11. --+ Viewers are set a copy of the original gump
    12. --+ Input entries are replaced with the image equivalent
    13. -+ All gumps now have an Adress property, that is populated before being sent
    14. --+ The address for a gump to a shared gump will be original address, not current user
    15. -+ Minor edits/optimizations
    16. + Added IDynamicEnum interface
    17. -+ This interface allows for dynamic enumeration properties using a String[] array
    18. -+ Updated the Properties Gump to utilize properties defined as IDynamicEnum as if they were a standard enum property
    19. -+ Updated the [Set command to utilize properties defined as IDynamicEnum as if they were a standard enum property
    20. + Revamped harvestable resources to utilize a dynamic structure to allow custom resources to be added easily without the need to edit core scripts
    21. -+ Moved all scripts for harvestable resources into a new Crafting folder
    22. -+ Moved each resource into a unique script file so resources can be easily found and modified
    23. -+ Configured a temporary repository of defined resources until a more permanent solution is developed
    24. -+ Improved the hover display properties of some resources to display more accurately
    25. -+ Corrected a problem with adding sand using the [Add command where specifying the amount of sand to add would only add one sand
    26. -+ Updated BaseOre so a random size is no longer used
    27. --+ By default new ore will be added using the large sized ore
    28. --+ To add small ore, you can use [Add IronOre small or [Add IronOre [amount] small
    29. --+ To add medium sized ore, you can use [Add IronOre medium or [Add IronOre [amount] medium
    30. --+ Medium ore will be created using one of the two medium size ItemID values randomly
    31. + Organized Gump files better
    32. + Adjusted methods to be more standard
    33. + Cleaned up code
    34. + Minor changes
    35. + Gump update
    36. -+ Added Gumpling abstract class
    37. + Resource updates
    38. -+ Centralized resource conversion from prior versions to simplify deserialization of classes that will require updates
    39. -+ Moved the data type definitions to a separate folder
    40. -+ Added Logs
    41. + Bonus resources
    42. -+ Began the data type definitions for bonus resources
    43. + Harvest System
    44. -+ Added initial Vein definition
    45. + Gump modifications
    46. -+ Added new interfaces IGumpContainer and IIGumpComponent
    47. -+ Added enhanced Parent support for containers
    48. -+ Added new optional constructor parameters for input entry fields
    49. -+ Revamped callback structure to all for recursion
    50. -+ Made ID Number assignment for input fields optional if a name is provided
    51. -+ Added recursion support for the Gumpling abstract class
    52. -+ Internalized several key properties to enforce structure
    53. + Samples
    54. -+ Added two sample Gumpling classes in the Gumps\Gumplings folder
    55. -+ Added three sample overloaded gump controls in the Gumps\Named Controls folder
    56. + Food Effects System
    57. -+ Revamped the gumps used by the system to utilize the new gump and gumpling formats
    58. -+ Removed all ID Numbers assignments in favor of named controls
    59. -+ Utilized button callbacks instead of overriding the OnResponse method
    60. + Gump changes
    61. -+ Replace callback routines and implement a standardized callback routine
    62. -+ Implement an optional event for input controls that can be used instead of a callback routine
    63. -+ Remove callback parameter option in favor of sending the IGumpComponent entity in the GumpResponse
    64. -+ Move predefined gumplings to the Scripts\Gumps\Controls\Gumplings folder
    65. -+ Moved predefined named controls to the Scripts\Gumps\Controls\Named Controls folder
    66. + Food Effect System changes
    67. -+ Revise gumplings to utilize the new callbacks and events
    68. -+ Cleanup control creation so all controls are standardized using the Add() method making the code more readable
    69. + Slayer Title System changes
    70. -+ Revise gumps to utilize new gump structures
    71. -+ Correct recursion problems when title definition changes are made, but still recorded when the Cancel button is clicked
    72. + Gump update
    73. -+ Add X/Y coordinates to IGumpComponent interface
    74. -+ Handle the location offset when a control is added to a gumpling or the gumpling is moved
    75. -+ Fix possible null reference problem in GumpEntry and Gumpling Parent{ set; } methods
    76. -+ Update standard gumplings
    77. -+ Update Food Effect System gumplings
    78. -+ Update Slayer Title System gumplings
    79. + Gump system updates
    80. -+ Add ability to add gumplings within gumplings
    81. -+ Add CustomCoreGumpling as an example of adding gumpling to a gumpling
    82. -+ Update Food Effect System to use CustomCoreGumpling
    83. -+ Update Slayer Title System to use CustomCoreGumpling
    84. -+ Add OpenUO dll files to Assemblies.cfg and Scripts project
    85. + Resource System Updates
    86. -+ Clean up folder structure
    87. -+ Add custom resource types for each resource group to allow the easy creation of new custom resources without the need to create additional classes. This will allow the creation of resource "on-the-fly".
    88. -+ Add gump interface for resource creation and maintenance
    89. -+ Add [Resources command to access the resource interface gump
    90. -+ Add [ResourceReset command to force resources to return to the default definition as defined in ResourceService.cs
    91. -+ Add several new gumplings to aid in resource gump design
    92. + Rename project to ServUO and change version to 0.4
    93. + Implement Publish Numbering system
    94. + Standardize Link and Unlink methods in BaseModule
    95. + Fix poisoning for Darkglow and Parasitic poisons
    96. + Fix error caused when using a trapped container to wake from Sleep spell
    97. + Patch TargetReponse packet handler to prevent fake targeting
    98. + Correct issue with Mobile MoveOver event call
    99. + Correct issue with HouseTeleporters
    100. + Update Mysticism spells to always check skill, mana and reagents
    First of all, you will probably notice that this update is listed as a Publish and not just an update. The reason behind this is fairly obvious in you review the GitHub site. You will notice that this update contains close to 20 commits. Therefore, we have decided to start labeling updates as publishes for simplicity sake.

    This publish contains several fixes to some bugs, which you can see near the bottom of the commit note listing.

    Included in this publish is the initial upgrades to Gumps. The changes are all detailed in the commit notes and many examples of the new Gump system in action can be found in the Food Effects System, Slayer Title System and Resource System gumps.

    Also included in this publish is the initial version of the new Resource System. You can access the Resource system directly by using the [resources command. If you make unwanted changes to the resource system, you can use the [resourcereset command to set the resource system back to its default values.

    The resource system currently just helps to redefine how resources are configured and also allows shard developers to add, modify and remove resources while the server is running. The resource system will not be useful in other respects until the harvest and crafting system have been redesigned.

    - Dougan
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  2. Hands Of God

    Hands Of God Shard Owner

    Mar 3, 2013
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    Wow that's a lot of merging I have to do lol.

    Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt.
  3. Insanity

    Insanity Active Member

    Mar 2, 2013
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    Lol, if you use the built in Git merge tools. It should be rather simple.
  4. Hands Of God

    Hands Of God Shard Owner

    Mar 3, 2013
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    Might try git a bit more.

    Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt.
  5. Insanity

    Insanity Active Member

    Mar 2, 2013
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    Your life will be much easier if you use it properly.
  6. SomeDude

    SomeDude New Member

    Mar 20, 2013
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    Epic man Publish 46 Keep up the awesome work:D
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