Update Publish #47

+ Revert resources back to how they were before Publish 46
+ Update Compile.bat to change it to work for the ServUO rename

The new Resource System was causing too many conflicts with already established custom systems, so I have reverted resources back to how they were prior to Publish 46.

If you installed Publish 46 and are not using any custom ores, wood, hides or scales, then everything will revert back just fine.

If you installed Publish 46 and are using custom ores, wood, hides or scales, then adding one line to your customs before loading your save will revert your custom back as well.

You can see examples of the line you need in any of the colored ores, woods and hides. The following line is taken from the DullCopperOre class. It is crucial that you put in this line before your world loads the first time so your custom resources will reset correctly. Once again, this extra bit is only need if you use custom ore, wood, hides or scales AND you installed Publish 46.

        protected override CraftResource DefaultResource { get { return CraftResource.DullCopper; } }

I will revisit the planned enhancements for resources, harvesting, crafting and bulk orders soon after I properly flog myself for screwing up. :oops:


Is this an official publish, or is there just a simple way to rollback before publish 46? I only ask because I noticed publish 47 wasn't showing up in the ServUO repo yet.


Have a question on this, Is this gonna totally replace way we do resources now? Or can i do my new resources like Daat99's and still merge what you have coming? Or should i just wait for what you got coming down the road?