Update Publish 51


I know I promised this by Sunday, well it is Sunday somewhere right now.

+Added in New Items
-+Gargish Glasses
-+15th Ann Robe (fixed as constructable my bad )

+Gargoyle Items set to gargoyles only
-+Cyclone set to Gargoyles
-+Soulglave set to Gargoyle only
-+Boomerang set to Gargoyles Only
--+Boomerrang moved to approperate folder
-+Gargish Dagger set to gargoyles only
-+Disc Mace set to Gargoyles only
-+Dual Pointed Spear set to Gargoyles only
-+Blood blade set to Gargoyles only
-+Glasssword set to Gargoyles only
-+Dreadsword set to Gargoyles only
-+Gargish Talwar set to Gargoyles only
-+Short blade set to Gargoyles only
-+Stone Warsword set to Gargoyles Only
-+CavalrysFolly set to BladedStaff instead of BaseSpear so it actually works
-+Serpent Stone Staff set to Gargoyles only
-+Glass Staff Set to gargoyles only

+Spell Vampiric embrace changed as to not modify body so gargoyles don't glitch out and or client on death

+Added in Gargoyle Vendor names VIA Hammerhand (Thank you)

+Changed Clippers ItemID to proper ID and Hue to about the right one //may need correction but its close.
+Added Topiaries in, couldn't get clippers to function to make them, will require additional support on that.

+Gargoyle items added to Smithy menu (Thanks Hammerhand)
-+Armors added for gargoyles
-+ Throwing weapons added
+Gargoyle Cloth Armor Added to Tailoring menu (Thanks Hammerhand)

Any issues or problems please direct them to the Bug Report forum/section.


The standard GlassBlowing crafting has been part of the system for years. Are you talking about some added in system?


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Is Servuo no longer compatible with Vorspire's Vita-nex core? Getting a lot of SuperGump errors. Ty.

*Disregard, I believe this is probably because I didn't realize I wasn't compiling with .net4 Ty.*

Nope.. still Supergumps errors. Ahh well, it's all good in the hood.


Vita-Nex: Core
ServUO Developer
You guys deviated the Gumps stock code away from the RunUO standard?
Won't that render potentially thousands of custom script releases useless? (The ones that use Gumps)


Would also like to point out that by utilizing .NET 4.5, you're cutting out a large amount of people who can actually use it - Windows XP (and cheaper, lesser versions of Windows Server) do not support 4.5 - which is why we made OpenUO backward compatible.
I strongly recommend reverting to 4.0 - I'm not sure yet, but I don't think ServeUO actually uses any 4.5 features? There really isn't much of a difference anyway.


Any changes to the Gump framework have and will be done in ways that all legacy gumps will work as they always have. We're only expanding on things, not rewriting the whole thing. So nothing to worry about here.

As for the .Net 4.5 requirement. The only reason that was enforced is because OpenUO enforced it at the time. Jeff told me he had no plans of pedaling back to 4.0 because he had plans to use some 4.5 features. However, ServUO actually does use one of the new 4.5 changes...and I have no plans to move the project backwards or hindering the project by keeping it on an old framework. RunUO chose to stick with an old framework, and they seem to be stuck in a rut now (honestly don't think they'll ever upgrade the project to 4.0 by default.)

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people still run Windows XP (I still run it on one of my old systems.) Although anyone that runs an OS that old...is probably used to not being able to install/run new apps. Even Microsoft has stopped supporting XP. If money is an issue for people that wish to run ServUO, Linux is always an option...and completely free.

We would like to keep moving the project forward, and not make people miss out on updates/improvements due to people refusing to update from an unsupported OS. I believe a lot of people stand with me on this opinion too. Most people I know IRL are already on Windows 8 even (I'm still not a fan of it) so it's not as big of an issue as you may believe.

With all of that said...I've been kinda MIA for a couple of months now. What other changes have been done to OpenUO? Other than moving it back to 4.0