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Jul 29, 2013
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Merged some pull requests from contributing members!

The .2 in 54.2 represents how many minor contributions have been made since the last major release - This publish versioning format will not be included in the assembly information, the assembly will always have the last major release version.

Merge pull request #4 from jamesblack/master

Fixes Chief Paroxysmus fight, now spawns the 3 bulbous putrifactions. (Fix courtesy of RedBeard)
Merge pull request #5 from CeJayce/master

Fix for blank recipes from smith heartwood quests
Fix for gozas not retaining cloth hue (Kalamus)
Fix for elven forge not working as a forge(xG00BERx)

If anyone else would like to contribute, feel free to fork the project on GitHub and I will review any pull requests you make.

If there are any issues with your pull request, I will leave comments and notes in order to help you correct the issues.
When you have corrected your issues, the pull request will be accepted pending re-review.

Please make sure that ServUO fully compiles, both core and scripts, before you do a pull request.
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