Fixed PvP changes with TOL publish 103


ServUO Developer
Oct 16, 2014
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Combat Update
  • Magic fish pies no longer soak player vs player damage.
  • The weapon hit property splintering no longer triggers on Disarm, Infectious Strike, or Injected Strike.
    • On a successful hit, the player victim will now have immunity to the splintering bleed effect for 16 seconds. Any additional hits will still slow the victim.
  • Discordance Rework (PvP Only). There is no change in how Discordance works versus non-players.
    • Bards can now use Discordance on player targets. This rework only allows Bards to remove all item skill bonuses from a target player.
      • Discordance will last up to 4 seconds or 6 seconds if the Bard is Focused Spec on players.
      • A Bard can only discord one player target at a time.
      • Discord will also be removed when:
        • The target is dead.
        • The bard is dead.
        • The target is out of range.
        • The target is hidden.
        • The bard is hidden.