Raven Moon looking for staff


I would like a staff member who love to play UO. someone who knows how to answer the help pages. If you want to learn to script I will teach you, but what I want for now is someone to run events and help player. Would love someone who can script but it is not needed. No pay for all this, but if you put in the work and time just ask and unless it is not part of game yet......Tell me how long you been playing and why you think staffing would fun.

john burns

I been playing for 15yrs, and I like to watch fellow players make mistakes that I already did and see what they do about it. Honestly, I just love to watch them, no matter the outcome.

Self taught in Linux, XMLSpawner, HTML, editing the scripts some by changing itemIDS, hues, and other minor details, and GMing.

I believe with XMLSpawner we could come up with some good events, and keep them around on the spawners for future use.

Give me a try, let me show you what I can do.


Hi I played since 1999 built my own server last year. Just could not get any players. Not very good at promoting the game. I like building on UO it is cool. I like improving just about everything in the game. Still have not got around to rebuilding Magincia... LOL


Looking forward to building, scripting and working with you, do let me know when your ready , thank you
Ps, you know me as Kittens friend =) We spoke over phone.