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Hi all,

Been trying to get back into the swing of things working with a local of the new pub and getting my head back into scripts (not that I am any good) but trying to learn. One of my things has been before bedtime reading of all 250+ posts in "general." My habit each night is to read as many posts as I can before falling asleep. In some ways it is like reading the history of ServUO... Definitely gives me a humble appreciation for everyone's hard work. As a result of my habit, I would make a gibberish heading that may only be useful to me and the link to the threads that I was interested in trying to implement or wanted to reread. As a result, I saved in one long email to myself which I added below. It may not be useful to anyone, but it helped me pause before asking the question(s) that have been asked multitudes of times (well maybe some...). This is not in a comprehensive order and not all inclusive.... Ignore it if it is rubbish but may be a glossary for someone looking for a specific issue I may have tagged in some way that spurs a look.... Thanks again for everything you all do to keep this alive!

How to make and add new recipes: Creating Custom Recipes

How to make a book: Looking for Book.cs

Loot packs in a chest: Putting lootpacks in chests

Pet sex change deed: Pet sex change deed

House slot increase (in case z doesn’t) House Increase Scroll

Check to see if I have this server repak: UO-The Expanse: the (edu) Repack

Recall and mark areas: Turning on Recall and Mark in Felucca Dungeons in AoS ruleset

Selling PS on vendor: Selling random types of items.

Corpse delete timer: Body/corpse decay time

Gender change deed: GenderChangeToken

Eater caps research: Eater Caps?

Magincia (Vendors and lotto): How to operate the Magincia Bazaar?

Increase points for BOD bank and for Britannia Trash: Point System & BOD Increase

Get Hue command: Command for players to [gethue

Changing PS drops on champs: Wanting to add 105 Power Scroll to the drop

Remove “hit key” when loading server: Could you make to compile Server instantly Without pressing a key on keyboard?

Star Wars stuff: Lightsaber

Lokiai script advice/tutorial: Attribute for pet.

Add crafting skill: Adding 2 MainSkills

Add charges to item (master storage example): Adding 2 MainSkills

SkillBallPlus script: Servuo: Skillballplus.cs errors

Adding new spell school: Help with Spell System

Items stay in same spot in bag on death/res: Blessed Items staying put in backpack on death

UODev (new script creator (quests and items): UODevPro

Xml guide for favorites tab: XML Spawner Tutorial

Rainbow mount and pack horse thread: Making the Pack mule into a rainbow mount?

New box: Making the Pack mule into a rainbow mount?

Young player gate only: Looking for New Player Gate

Lobster/Crab mount: Crab_Coconut_Mount

EVO dragons: Evo Dragons

Give mob different item: Is it possible to create mobile with magic weapon or armor?

Despawn when no player around: Xmlspawner - how to make mobs despawn only when player is not in range?

Adding pet training for new custom pets: Pet Training for Custom Creatures

Adjust Escortables: ServUO (Pub 57) Escortables announcing "destination" when approached.

Placing Custom Champ Altar: The Gauntlet of Horrors 2.1

Item provides skill bonus on double click: General

Coding language “how to say - what it means”: Boolean logical operators - C# reference

Make spawns and npc mounted: Spawning mounted NPCs

Pet Blocker tile: []-NoMountTile

Young death teleport location: Autoteleported when dead?

Delete player backpack (probably how the new clear backpacks are added): RunUO - Anyway to wipe a characters inventory

Vendor tile: Player Vendor Tile

Why guards one shot kill (npc operating “[kill command”: What script lines control TownGuards one-kill?

Vendor selling item change: RunUO - Which script/s modify what a vendor is selling?

UOFiddler, PandorasBox & UOArchitect :
UOFiddler, PandorasBox & UOArchitect problems.

Add Custom Resources (ore): Custom resource not shown on craft. [RUNUO 2.6]

House items visible: Objects in a house are not visible from the outside

Bleed attack animation: Red Particle Effect When Mobs Hit You

On double click teleport and deletes itself item: new to scripting...

Add skill requirement: Adding skill requierment

Item creation cheat sheet: Need an example of how to add % bonuses to weapons/armor, and dex/int requirements

Headless horseman: Looking for old Script

Champion spawner: Champion Spawner?

Change Caps: Editing Caps/Maxes

New player starting location: How to change player's starting location?

Bind on pickup item changes name and bans trading: Can't figure out how to add bond to player on pickup

Fix recall lots of options: Recall and Gate allowed to any destination for GameMasters and Owners

Powerscrolls as drop: Add Powerscroll to loot?

Luck deed variant: Luck Deed Script Acting Odd (ServUO)

Adding names and colored titles to items: How do you add alt text to an item

Max and add stats to pets deeds: Adding to pets stats via deed.

Check instatame deed for needed nerf: Insta Tame Deed

Setting individual skill gain difficulty: ServUO latest --> Skill Gain rate

Void creature spawners: Void Creature System

Fish tank craft quest: Fish tank crafter

Eat PS in order: Power scroll Level system

Skill gain region: Skill gain bonus area

Player flags code: Playermobile Questions

Add New dyetub: Having a hard time understanding why this will not work (Dyetubs)

Different deco house tool: NikaDecoTool-Bugged

Create new housing custom placed plot e.g. 33x33: ServUO Custom Castle & Keep Sized Housing?

fix [bandageself(everlasting bandage): Bandage self

Adding items to base codes READ: Snow Globes

Animal Tamer Lord: Animal Trainer Lord Error

Change player starting location: How to change player's starting location?

Shorten or remove casting time: Its possible to remove spell cast time like old Sphere emulator?

Can heal owner: Pets that can heal error

Cooking/Ranching expansion: Cooking Expansion Set

SkillBallPlus: 7x GM skill ball??

Malas Allow castles and keeps: Anyone have any idea how to allow castles in Malas?

Loot controlled In runeforging.cs (legendary artifact drops): How to make legenday artifacts spawn 100% of the time?

Set bonuses system: Someone have this old set bonus script working under ServUo?

Add multiple carve on corpse: Question about dropping items from the carve method.

Stop followers and pets from being on top of each other in combat trammel: Pets and followers movement block

Adding custom ores:

Require Eat PS in order:

Make a building act as an inn for logging out:

Discusses Advance Town Crier:

UO XML Spawner Guide and discussion:


Everlasting Bandage and [BandSelf command help:

Weapon abilities (changing):

Lokai Skills:

Make Universal Dye Tub Work on Erhy Mounts:

Tile that flags a player as “criminal”:

Fireflies deed:

Ethy retaining hue with universal dye tub:

Axe that takes mana:

Global Artifacts Drop System:

Make talisman equip on d-click:

Override for HP max cap:

Pets max loyalty always:

3 Tier Cake Recipe:

Make paragon deed:

1% drop item on death mob language:

Spawn a rare hue (from white Tiger language):

Armor ignore cap (AOS):

Spell and physical damage cap increase:

Peacock mount:

Adding pet special attack by deed:

Young status based on time played vs account creation;

Adding custom clothing to custom mobs:

Add base weapon damage increase deed:

Exploring the deep spawners command: Say [GenExploringTheDeep

Test Gump:

Push player away language:

Find xml spawners:

Cast spells while moving:

Make item stackable:

OWLTR add custom resources examples:

Add new reward to lockpick.cs:

Change BOD timing to get new BOD:

Adding custom champ:

Multiple mobs with different spawn times on one xml spawner:

Making Ethy Deed:

Change to durability of items:


Spawn gold and spawn gold in chest:

Combatant vs IDamagable:

Creating a player leveling system: and

HS Fishing/Fishing/Fishing Hues: and

Leaderboards xml pvm points:

Adjust recipe drop rates:

Use best skill deed language (vita nex and non):

Multiple Shards 1 IP:

Entrance to under gravewater lake:

Lava fishing:

Durability on spellbooks:

New Haven Escortables:

Random name generator:

Setting Direction of NPC or Mob:

Xml drop spawner:

Adding custom ore and leather: and

Changing mining spot yo static from veins:

Changing Map rules:

Smithing press as smith hammer:

Whirlwind range:

More co-owners in housing:

Blessed items as drops: and

Global delete and items:


Global loot drop:

Honesty Chests:


Random slayer:

Player gold balances:

Make items stackable (e.g. potions):

Changing new player equipped clothes and armor (by profession):

Talking signs:

Carving corpse requires custom tool:

Vendor charge per day changes:

No attack monster:

Ethy tarantula:

Firerock stackable/separate with different graphic:

Auction system:

Line 93: Cannot implicitly convert type 'Server.IDamageable' to 'Server.Mobile’:

No ammo bow:

Items allow skill over cap setting:

Mining golem:

Changing where players can default mark and recall:



I appreciate you sharing this. I know there is a search function and Google helps when that fails, but there are times when you're looking for something specific but your keywords don't provide any results. There are some posts in here that were very hard for me to find when I was trying to. So thank you!


If you need help still, lets do discord chat next week. I can help with about 1/2 of this. Maybe you can teach me what you learn on the other half.