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I reinstalled the resources manager the other day, it should be usable again, but currently waiting on Insanity to send me a backup of the database so all the currently unlinked posts in the releases forum can be fixed.

If you want to re-submit a resource, please feel free, just remove your current post before you do or tell me to remove if if you have issues doing so.

When/if I can restore the database entries and re-link the posts, I will be doing them one by one, so whatever is in the forum at the time of the restore will be restored, if you delete a post it will not be restored.

Thanks :)


I'm not even seeing the UO Archive tab at the top any more :) Maybe I'm missing something :) Unless you mean once you restore the data base this will be fixed?[DOUBLEPOST=1383522777,1383504829][/DOUBLEPOST]Thought I would test adding a script in the uo archive- with trying to upload a cs script it contains this error :)
Maybe because the drop down box only shows Feature instead of the different forums to post the script? Just trying to help.
The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.
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Some quick good news, as I can't write too much from my phone. I'm moved into my new place in town. Internet will be hooked up here later today also. Although I probably won't have my computers unboxed and setup till this weekend. Although, later today once net is hooked up, I plan to take a better look at the RM issue via the laptop. See about getting the old database for it back up. Not promising anything today though, as there is still a few things I need to get moved, and lots if important stuff that must be unpacked today. If I can't manage to restore the old database...everyone will have to help build it back up. Which wouldn't be the end of the world. As there wasn't a ton in the Archive yet, plus new entries can easily be linked to their old threads.