RGT UO transports players back to the Age of Shadows (AoS) era in Ultima Online--one of the most fast-paced, well balanced, and exciting times in the history of the game!. Our professional development team is dedicated to quality and longevity. Features include: Dedicated server with Internap Managed Internet Route Optimizerâ„¢ technology Familiar land masses which favor the most adventurous; Britannia(Felucca), Lost Lands(Felucca), Malas(Trammel) Balanced, refined PvP mechanics Authentic and professional OSI feel and casting speeds //Doom Gauntlet artifact acquisition options available in both facets Enhanced faction system Scheduled events & tournaments Capture the Flag Committed development team & server staff ...and much more!...

Server Information:

Retro Game Token UO
Discord: Join the RGT UO Discord Server!
IP & Port: uo.retrogametoken.com | Port: 2593
Dedicated Server (can upgrade if/when needed)
A total of $1000 will be distributed as a Reward at special events for August on our test server.
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Will the 1000$ be distributed via PayPal or your own donation currency for in-game usage?