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Pirate Guild Plunderbeacons
Mariners beware these vessels, those 25 pounders hit hard!

To clear the sea of one of these menaces you must first take on the guardians, most safely done by standing off the corners of the structure and engaging with your ship’s crew; archers, throwers, mages, tamers’ magic using pets will be most effective. Bards are advised to use despair and tribulation. Once the guardians are removed you can safely employ your cannons in broadsides to sink the construction. Large numbers of sea creatures are also drawn to the vicinity and may hinder your navigation.

Maritime Cargo
Cargo is gained by two different methods:

  • When killing sea monsters and plunderbeacon crews, or sinking the plunderbeacon, cargo may fall into your back pack
  • When fighting ships, merchant or pirate, cargo can be found by looting the crew, the deck chests and crates and the ship’s hold.
There are four classifications of cargo quality, these are:

  • Grandmaster
  • Exalted
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
It is rumoured that all mythical cargo is retained by the plunderbeacons.

The Black Market Merchant

This disreputable person is found lurking outside Buccaneer’s Den Bank, he offers to buy maritime cargo for doubloons, and then reclaim the doubloons from you in exchange for his goods consisting of:

  • a ‘Powder Monkey’ title deed, 10,000 doubloons
  • a wooden Wood Carving of [Ship’s Name] Named with a random famous ship, or if yer lucky – named after you! 15,000 doubloons
  • a shoulder parrot, as seen on his shoulder, 100,000 doubloons.
Inventory expanded, month 2:

  • a ‘Botswain’ title deed, 15,000 doubloons
  • a Blundercannon, 25,000 doubloons
  • a decorative Dragon Cannon 120,000 doubloons
Inventory expanded, month 3

  • A ‘Sailing Master’ title deed, 20,000 doubloons
  • A Mysterious Statue, 35,000 doubloons
  • A Triton Pet , 140,000 doubloons

    (this item can be claimed by any character but is redeemable only by a Grandmaster tamer)
His valuing of your cargo is a little eccentric, but he will pay, approximately:

  • Grandmaster cargo 100 – 200 doubloons
  • Exalted cargo 500 – 600 doubloons
  • Legendary cargo 1000 – 1100 doubloons
  • Mythical cargo 10,000+ doubloons
A comparison of these costings with the gold gained by the city to which the goods are consigned is staggering, a grandmaster cargo, if delivered to the intended city, will swell the coffers by not 100gp, but 100,000gp or more, with a mythical cargo earning the city approximately 10,000,000gp. Delivery to a different Britannia city trade minister will gain that city approximately half as much. Let your conscience be your guide!