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You can use "SendLocalizedMessage( 111111 )" To get and send a message from cliloc files.
You can use "SendMessage(1626, "My message.") To send a custom message width a custom color.

But, Is there any way to set a custom color for a message from cliloc files?

I found this in Mobile.cs so it should work.. I usually send colored messages in gump, using HTML
public void SendLocalizedMessage(int number, string args, int hue)

So Mobile.SendLocalizedMessage(889765766457, "", color);

should work!
Mobile.SendAsciiMessage(1551, "Hello");
That doesn't work with Localized Text, if just hueing text than using just Mobile.SendMessage(1551, "Hello"); is suffice! Ascii is more geared for using char and shouldn't be a go to for hueing normal text! The answer @Korasek provided was the correct answer to the OP!