ServUO Rename Is Here!


As some of you may have noticed, I've been pretty hard at work on the site when I've had time to work on it. The site/forum is mostly done, and anyone is welcome to register and start accumulating some posts.

On top of the site being finished and ready to use. We've now moved the project over to the new ServUO repo (you can find the link in the navigation tab.) You can use your current working directory with the new repo, by adding the address for the new repo as a new remote for your current repo (will write up a basic how-to on this later.)

For now, we will be maintaining the ForkUO and ServUO in conjunction. Meaning if ServUO is update, the ForkUO repo will be updated. We will only be doing this for so long though, as people still move to the new repo. Eventually the old ForkUO repo will be removed, and everyone will be forced to use the new repo.

If anyone needs help converting to the new repo, just post in the support section and we'll help you get sorted.

Just to let everyone know this one last time. Update/news threads will be posted here and on CraftUO. We will also continue to offer support on CraftUO. Although bug reports are better off being posted here on the ServUO forum now, as we'll be able to act on them sooner and organize them better.

With the site finished and fully functional, I will now be turning my focus back to the ServUO server. We even hope to have a live shard up and running soon for ServUO, so stay tuned!

In the mean time, be sure to register over at and check in once in a while. You can easily reach me and others via the Chat tab on the ServUO web site.