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Share your world building. 2014-09-11

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Hey everyone.

You might remember me as yugitashi over on the RunUO forums back whenever I started posting screenshots detailing my experience in not really knowing what the hell I'm doing when it comes to map customization. Even though I must have started way back in 2006.

That being said, I'm still going at it and while I accept the fact that this project has now lasted around three presidents with no end date in site, I matters well show off exactly what I've been up to.

Sorry I'm unable to post attachments for some reason. Probably because this is my first ever post on this particular website and for the most part I'm basically using a second spare pc specifically for modifying UO.

........ and yes I am using a modified Brazilian Reborn client. I say modified since I had to fix up some missing mobile animations (IT AIN'T UO WITHOUT SHEEP) and I've even gone through the trouble of updating the equipment gumps and to even make things more insane, there will be art graphics to go along with them. Because at this point, I have no life to where I've succeeded beyond undead and transcended towards those of ancient liches.......... who also managed to get their own animation sprites.

john burns

Hi all,
Just a heads up that Outlands is going to start testing with my custom map which I've shared in this thread a few times. Here is a thread with a ton of screenshots of 3 of the dungeons we're tentatively opening this week.
Would be great to see you around the community! Here is a link to our Discord: And our forums:

Nice Work.

Shows what time and patience can do.

I may pop in once its open just to check it out.

To give my "nod-of-approval"
Nice work Owen :D

Your work on classic UO is stunning. You really have the skills. I will be glad to welcome you to Aeternum aswell.
You showed that spending some time with even the "old" stuff can bring out a stunning new look of UO.
So this is the stuff I really love to see and the stuff I build all my things on.


These are all very nice I am glad to see there are people still building a prolific as we did when we started with pol shards and then runuo shards it does this old timer good to see as we built all the time and some of us still do Keep Up The Good Work All. Your Great!!!!


Greetings travelers and awesome world builders.

It's great to see the maps and the incredible details are added to the world. Very inspiring and cool how you guys building the epic worlds. My self I creating game content (game assets) to richer the maps for the world builders. In that regards made discord: . Not only game assets you will find but other talented artists, programers and map builders.
Welcome to join the journey with other creators.

(Mostly you probably you know me form website or the portal game assets.)

yours sincerely,


Very nice work adam. :) I think I really should hire you and owenuo for my project and rex aswell ;-) you do so good with the stuff and i love how you implemented my old graphics. (Trees and stuff i did years ago for Arx Obscura).
I would love to chat with you and give you a tour round Aeternum. Maybe we can also learn from each other. Seems you also know some tricks I don't know.

You did the Arx Obscura trees and stuff? I love all your work!


Reworking Underworld tile by tile also adding new images as needed. Broken floors ect... The classic map is a total mess. Converting it tile by tile has revealed what a total mess it truly is. I am trying to turn it into something beautiful. Underworld1.png Underworld2.png Underworld3.png


Starting to slowly get the hang with this map editor. Incoming loads of pics and they're all dungeons.

afarm5.staticflickr.com_4563_24998501918_fd145e592a_z.jpg#29 - Murkmere Dwelling 3 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4563_38839687582_1fba3cdaa6_z.jpg#30 - Swampwater Solitude 2 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4574_38154458884_7838cfd076_z.jpg#31 - Kal-Berbessia 2 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4539_24005073977_359cd7f0a4_z.jpg#32 - Black Widow Pit (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4515_38154437954_557bebee34_z.jpg#33 - Mongbat Hideout Third Floor (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4570_38869962101_b78e3f14c1_z.jpg#34 - Dragons Dens 2 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4546_38154420324_576e5160fe_z.jpg#35 - Azurite Caverns 2 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4569_38839628752_30953166f3_z.jpg#36 - Azurite Caverns 3 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4558_24998416688_ec08b409be_z.jpg#37 - Vyguls Vault (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4516_37983222385_d39fd1f075_z.jpg#38 - Ghuul Sanctuary (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4557_38154371834_d8a6656ba3_z.jpg#39 - Everstar Estuary 2 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm5.staticflickr.com_4581_24998407048_bbbd130c8a_z.jpg#40 - Murkmere Dwelling 4 (Almhara Reborn) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
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Some more pics. This time in game as a player character and showing off some gameplay features.

afarm1.staticflickr.com_862_42759870715_0ff1a373e5_z.jpg#41 - Reading notes in Black Widow Pit by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_849_43662731451_e7974c8a5c_z.jpg#42 - Island Closest to Tartarrix by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_852_29792984598_7f247d61d6_z.jpg#43 - Getting close to lava by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_853_43662720661_ea229b9d47_z.jpg#44 - Mongbat Hideout Updated Entrance by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_836_29792978308_1ddf0b2808_z.jpg#45 - Wish I had gills by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_860_43662707391_c0078352a5_z.jpg#46 - Updated Blacksmith Crafting List by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_936_43662699681_2beac3817c_z.jpg#47 - Updated Carpentry Crafting List by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_854_42946276284_1440c8af93_z.jpg#48 - Updated Tailoring Crafting List by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_837_29792970138_e75b027ca2_z.jpg#49 - Updated Fletching Crafting List by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_843_42759845545_be7751cf67_z.jpg#50 - Freezing water by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_857_43662679891_effd5d21bc_z.jpg#51 - Reading notes in Bleak Wind Caverns by zigholtul88, on Flickr

afarm1.staticflickr.com_921_43616205882_13d01aecee_z.jpg#52 - Updated Greater Heal Animations by zigholtul88, on Flickr


Very awesome thanks for sharing :) love looking at what others build and your paperdoll gump is great also
We have a showcase channel on the discord to share things in progress and get feedback!

I know I'm better about putting things there, although I should post totally finished things here every now and then.
This is just a Map I started messing with.
Not sure how much I will do with it, but we will see!

View attachment 12645

What image editing software are you using for this? Then what’s next? I could really use some assistance with the process for making maps.
I have a custom one that a friend and I made, I originally designed it back in 2003 in paint shop pro, and he converted it. When we recovered the files, Dian here adjusted it to a modern size, but I’d like to design a new map and I’m at a loss.


I use Photoshop and have a color scheme for for the map with correct landscapes. And i use Dragonmod11 to convert it to a map.