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Share your world building. 2014-09-11

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Hey everyone. Yes I'm still working on the map and its changed considerably from last time I uploaded here.

afarm8.staticflickr.com_7883_46346635004_66496361a5_z.jpg#53 - Glimmerwood (Day 3 WIP) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7835_40105581103_16e46fd39d_z.jpg#54 - Glimmerwood by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7896_46346631124_dc78a75fa5_z.jpg#55 - Samson Swamplands by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7865_40105579623_60985dd4e7_z.jpg#56 - Red Dagger Keep by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7924_46346629884_285990b34d_z.jpg#57 - Harpy Nest by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7830_47018354132_3b4e7b65f5_z.jpg#58 - Zaythalor Forest by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7916_46346628764_d791093098_z.jpg#59 - Amul Seketsi Royal Tomb by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7863_46156872215_9910213d3f_z.jpg(2019-02-09) Almhara World Map by zigholtul88, on Flickr

By the way. To the individual who created those shark mobiles. Thank you. Thank you so much because who doesn't want a hammerhead as a mount?

afarm8.staticflickr.com_7817_46156882585_d44c22a386_z.jpg#60 - Skaddria Naddheim (In game) by zigholtul88, on Flickr
afarm8.staticflickr.com_7812_46346635624_5bc950be05_z.jpg#61 - Skaddria Naddheim (In game) by zigholtul88, on Flickr


Took a long ass while, but I managed to record some footage showing off portions of the map along with some elements unique to this server.

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Here's some more in-game footage. Seriously I love those llamas.

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Beautiful! You are very talented :) I noticed a section of my large building village :)


Admittedly I am reusing a ton of buildings made by other users so I do apologize. Mostly to save a bit on time and because probably due to me using a custom client I'm unable to get UO Architect to function properly hence why I can't properly craft my own.


No need to apologize I'm so happy to see others who can use my buildings :) Reason for being released to the public also.
Hey guys!

Is there still something going on? I am back in the game and working on my project again.
I am working again as a gump artist and in worldbuilding.

I really appreciate all the good work that is shown here. I really love how nuch effort is put into some maps and projects! Great job!

So Aeternum is still under construction and I am adding a ton of new arts to the files the next weeks and started to do the main part of my map.
If you are interested in working with me: I will hire worldbuilders, but as you know there is something like a deep check on your skills and what you are capable of with the ORIGINAL files (Cause we all started with that and I think one should be able to work properly with that ;-) )

And no, I have no homepage (no time for that -> busy with worldbuilding and graphics), I have no forum (no time for that either), but you will get your chance to buy art from me if you want.

I will keep you updated on the progress of Aeternum.

So as an reminder: Some of you might have stumbled over my art. Please give credit or ask for permission! I never allowed for using my art except of the stuff released on uopixel! This is the friendly reminder, but I might check and then ask for a fair share ;-) )


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Here are some impressions of my Shard :) i like the "clean" and realistic look.


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(Sigh) You all are so good at this. I'm a scripter by nature but mapper out of necessity. I suppose I can share my seasonal gif. I'm using the Orion client which allows me to pick which graphics change for the seasons. I don't believe it's compatible with LiveUO that might be an issue for some. But it's constantly being perhaps some day it will be.