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Hello All
WhiteWolf Here

Little info of me I started playing U7 to U8 and little U9 in 1997 when UO first started I build accounts play with them and sell them off and on I joined Runuo for years
Than things go downhill but when Runuo is running I fully Custom my Scripts all my Scripts is years of building and testing but over the years I see that I am too busy working full time job and this Coronavirus is really putting me in a full on work at my job so its hard to working on my Scripts and get them done on time so this stop talking of me let me talk of you with some ideas that I have and some I am working on right now..

Things I am working on right now
Fully working Tree's that is linked to Housing & Shipyard/Ship building.
Fully working Sea as in you can see everything down the bottom & Fish's -- talking of Fish I build a fully working Fishing Pole that get fish as in when you work the fishing pole and it go in the water you the fish go to the bait.
Fully Working AI player as in NPC playing like a real player and talk to real players the AI's go fishing killing mining and so on. Talking of AI's They are right now are going to war on there own the Ai's build Castle and a fort the look of it the Ai's in the Castle have over 100 Ai's and the Fort look like 69 or 90 and getting bigger.

The Ideas need to be build
New Artwork for the Full game and get out of Pixels.
Need to get the Custom Files not to give players but they can login and see the custom work.----and no the Ultima Live don't work on my server I have too much custom Scripts.
need to get the Tools working the right way like blacksmithing tools.
Need to get the Pandora's box fully custom redone.
need to get new artwork for the castle Drawbridge and get it working right.
Need to get the Shipyard done soon maybe someone can help me on this one /no time right now to work on this one too big right now.
lot more ideas and lot more I am working on can't name everything on here can't give all my ideas out maybe tried some scripts

Here is a little Lokey see this is more update now then what you see
and new paperdoll .

Let me know what you think you like or don't like
and if you don't like let me know too

Thank you


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so youre looking for help in building your custom server?

the AI script seems very interesting - hoping one day youll share your resources!